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Michael H.

A Consultant from Bangkok, Thailand

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Change Management
Michael, is an experienced Organizational Performance Improvement Consultant and has assisted senior executives at client companies such as Morgan Stanley, Hang Seng Bank, Malaysian Airlines, BP, and adidas. Michael is Managing Director of The Company Group specializing in top team facilitation.

Michael’s 30+ years’ experience in Organizational Development include serving as Director of Learning for Coats plc, where he headed a transformational values program and assisted the company to overcome internal constraints to successfully implement global market and supply chain strategies. During his tenure at Coats , profitability in the core thread business increased by 35% and cash flow increased by almost 20%.

Prior to joining Coats, Michael was Team & Organisation Development Manager for HSBC, Personnel Development Manager for Imperial Group and Training Manager for Phoenix Assurance.
Management Training/Development

He has delivered successful senior cross-cultural management development programmes and training courses in most management skills, team-building, trainer and facilitator courses, and has extensive experience in coaching and counselling senior managers. He has written numerous articles and produced videos and training packages.


Michael facilitated over 300 multi-cultural, multi-level, multi-disciplinary team performance improvement and other meetings, conferences and workshops, both indoors and outdoors, for 3 to 120 people for over 3000 executives in over 30 large corporations. Michael has worked with people at all levels of an organisation and from varied country and organisational cultures. He has delivered many facilitator training and team-building courses.

Clients include:

Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, HSBC Holdings Ltd, Asia Sources Media Group, Citibank, Malaysian Airlines , Warner Music Asia, The Hospital Authority, HK Management Association, Macau Telecom, Drake Beam & Morin, The Community Chest, Pearson Group, The Maharajah Organisation, The Hong Kong Polytechnic, The Royal Hong Kong Police, Dun & Bradstreet, Shell, Wendy’s Hamburgers, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Johnson & Johnson, Educational Film Services, Adidas, AT&T, British Petroleum China + SEA, Coats-Viyella SEA + China, Arab Malaysian Group, Midland Bank plc, Canadian Chicken International, Wings Entertainment, John Swire & Sons

Specialises in:

- Facilitation of top/senior management workshops
- Coaching
- Organisation Development
- Management Development and Training



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Michael's Consulting Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Change Management

Implementing values process in global (60 countries) company
Changing corporate culture in world's most profitable bank

45 Years of Experience


Improving performance of top management teams

45 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

Developing/coaching individuals and teams in large comapnies
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