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Facilitator, CMC
Amna is a self-starter with ability to manage, supervise and lead people smoothly and efficiently. She has the ability to create a professional job environment and satisfy the needs of people. She has the skills and talent needed to motivate people, understand their needs and motivate them.

Since 2002, Amna is Head of Change Management ? Jordan e-Government Program: Program Management Office (PMO, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT), Amman, Jordan.

Her responsibilities include:

? Effective project management and initiative implementation though alignment of strategy, process, technology and people
? Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and Change Management is specified and carried out to PMO standards throughout the initiative lifecycle.
? Monitor and update PMO standards and norms for BPR and Change Management.
? Monitoring and assuring optimum communication between PMO, project managers and other ministries/ departments.
? Coordinate with ICT Promotions personnel for e-Government communications.
? Proactively identify training needs for the PMO staff, and develop the PMO staff-training plan.
? Manage the National training programs such as the ICT Literacy, plan for other national training programs and plan towards diversifying training for Jordan Government Employees for the purpose of skill development and creating ICT culture among the Government entities.

She is a member of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA member) and the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC member). Amna also is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

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Amna K.

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B. Sc. in Computer Science and mathematical Statistics

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Amna K.

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Amman, Jordan

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46 to 50

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Strong Personality
Time Management
People Understanding
Global Vision
And Pleasant Personality.


During Study
I Was A Member Of Teh IEEE
Math Group At Kuwait Univerity
Member Of Social And Music Society
And A Basketball Team Player.

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Amna's Expertise

Amna K.

Change Management

24 Years of Experience
I started focusing on change management since 1997, when this competency started to be implemented worldwide in large scale projects. At that time, I used to work for Accenture, Abu Dhabi, as a team leader in a challenging project with a high level of resistance and issues related to organizations and people at all levels. Given my past experience in managing change, I started to implement the international best practices and standards with a well-developed methodology of one of the big six international consulting firms. Areas I can cover include: organizations review and re-structuring, HR design and development, Business Process Re-engineering and knowledge management and training.
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Project Management

27 Years of Experience
I have a thorough experience in project management and have participated in many projects in Jordan and UAE. I played the role of the project manager and the change expert during my past experience. I implemented Accenture's methodlogy for project management, and currently am complying with the PMI standards for project management. I went through all phases in the project life cycle starting from initiation to the project closure including post implementaiton support. I also worked at the initiative level in all its phases in its life cycle. I am capable of leading project managers, mentoring, coaching project team leaders and transfer the knowledge of project management to others.
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General Management

32 Years of Experience
Ever since I started my career, all my jobs included general management. I used to manage individulas, teams and group of divisions. I am capable of leading an organization starting from defining its mission, vision and core values, to the extent of strategizing, planning and supervising the organization's performance to achieve the required results.

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