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Edward R.

A Consultant from Waterford, United States

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Highly experienced Facilitator and Consultant
Ned brings facilitation and training experience with local and international businesses and not-for-profits. He has developed and implemented facilitated meetings for problem solving, decision making, and team development and learning events in process improvement, communications, diversity, sexual harassment prevention, stress management, meeting management, and spiritual formation.

As Senior Consultant and Founding Partner of a reputed training firm, Ned applies his expertise in designing facilitation and learning events to a wide range of corporate, institutional and private engagements. He provides management consulting services, determining potential applications of action research and adult learning principles to allow management, staff, and other stakeholders to jointly create the future they want.

Ned previously served as a senior consultant, process specialist, and methodology mentor to Computer Sciences Corporation, specializing in business process improvement and change management. He served as a senior business analyst for UnitedHealthcare and was trained in Six Sigma. He was a program manager, facilitator, and internal consultant for the US Coast Guard; a senior analyst in submarine operations for Sonalysts, Inc.; and a special lecturer in management, operations research, and computer science for the University of New Haven. Ned served as a nuclear-trained division officer in the US Navy submarine service.

Significant projects include:

* Facilitated team that saved 70% of cost of producing Local Notice to Mariners by reengineering the process

* Led team that developed experiential course for potential Internet developers

* Saved over $15 million by demonstrating that large system development project did not have feasible return on investment

* Led strategic planning retreats for United Action, Fiddleheads Natural Food Coop, and Niantic Community Church

* Revitalized and expanded the role of the Human Relations Council at the Coast Guard Research and Development Center.

* Trained and led team that completed required Sexual Harassment Prevention Training with 100% of staff, receiving Commanding Officer’s Letter of Commendation

* Received CSC Wall of Fame Award for process redesign of project configuration management

Ned received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Penn State and a Master of Science degree in operations research from the University of New Haven where he was named an Academic Graduate Fellow.

He is a member of the International Association of Facilitators and a past member of the Board, and served on the editorial board of Group Facilitation: A Research and Applications Journal. He volunteers with the Global Facilitator Service Corps, Habitat for Humanity of SECT, Hospice SECT, Fiddleheads Food Cooperative, Second Step Players, and ArtReach. He is past president of Niantic Community Church.

Edward's Specialties:

Group facilitation, presentation, interviewing, process analysis, process improvement, process redesign, process reengineering, business analysis, information systems analysis and specification, six sigma, learning events, training development, training delivery, methodology development, procedure writing, process modeling, cost/benefit analysis, functional base costing



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Edward's Consulting Expertise

35 Years of Experience

Change Management

Change management practitioner with US Coast Guard and CSC Consulting Group. Versed in various change models and Bridges' Transition Model. Applications at organizational and personal level.

Ned can help you make the space for your people to navigate the neutral zone at the right pace to provide the quickest climb up the performance curve.

He offers a number of workshops to help organizations and people through the transition that accompanies major change, and consulting services to help you apply the learnings and navigate the change effectively.

45 Years of Experience


Group Process Facilitation - Action Planning, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Strategic Planning, Technology Planning

Ned focuses on helping you see where your meetings are serving your purposes and where there is room for improvement.

Then he works with you to plan and design a series of facilitated workshops and learning events that clear out the barriers to the change you want, give your people the skills and understanding they need to make change happen, and create the climate where change can grow.

According to Doyle and Strauss, the meeting facilitator has three roles:

* Get the group to focus on a common problem and a common process
* Protect group members and make sure everyone participates
* Remain neutral and build trust

35 Years of Experience


You’ve got a big event or change coming up. You need input from the rest of your organization for a big decision facing your company or organization.

You need donations for a sale or volunteers for a bake sale. Some new opportunity for service needs money, volunteers, participants. How do you get the word out? You need an approach. Ned can help you through the process.
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