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Steven C.

A Business Trainer from Stirling, United Kingdom

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A Dynamic, Exciting and Motivational Trainer & Coach
The Director for HR and Training for The Saudi Arabian Division of a Multi-National blue chip company recently described Steve as 'The best trainer we have ever used'. A gifted and versatile coach, facilitator and trainer, Steve brings significant positive impacts to the achievements of others. Described as having 'listening skills that score 12/10', and 'truly motivational coach and trainer', he works with a diverse range of corporate and self-sponsored clients.

Steve is passionate about 'helping people help themselves'; about supporting individuals and groups in creating and realising their vision for the future. In group work, his strengths are in drawing out opportunities and ideas, thereby generating ownership that leads to tangible results. He uses powerful questioning to unlock true potential. Steve coaches people in support of their growth, development and performance. His coaching is broad-based and integrative in its approach. His training expertise is in the areas of Presentation Skills, Facilitation Skills, Interpersonal skills, Performance Management, Coaching, and Confidence-Building.

With 20 years experience in the Oil & Gas industry, Banking & Finance, Law, retail, industry and as a professional Actor in Theatre and Television, Steve brings a unique approach to coaching and training.
He is an associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, a Member of the British Actors Equity Association and a certified NLP Practitioner.

Steve’s coaching clients include people from all levels of business, as well as self-sponsored individuals.

Steve has particular expertise being presentation and communication skills and how we interact with each other. Steve specialises in the push and pull skills of rapport building, verbal and non-verbal communication, coaching, assertiveness, negotiating and influencing.

Having trained all levels of people in public speaking, presenting and vocal technique Steve is equally at home working with absolute beginners to help them overcome their fear, take control of their nerves and build up their confidence as he is with highly experienced presenters, helping them to fine tune their presentation delivery technique. He excels at delivering dynamic presentation skills either on a one to one basis or in a group scenario.

For success in today's business environment Steve provides a unique and enjoyable learning experience with his training events which serve to enhance essential communication and interpersonal skills.

As well as being an experienced trainer and a successful public speaking coach, Steve is also a trained actor. He studied voice production for three years at the Barbican in London and has worked with the head of voice from the Royal National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Steve brings with him over 15 years of training and theatre experience to his workshops and one to one coaching sessions.

Steve is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development qualified and a member of the British Actors Equity Association.

Clients include:

Kuwait Oil Tanker Company – Kuwait City, Kuwait
ABB – Saudi Arabia & Bahrain
BEUC (Consumer organisation) – Brussels
Faber Maunsell – UK
Dundee University Dental School
NHS 24 – Scotland
Glasgow Digital Design Studios – Glasgow School of Art
United Nations (UNIDO) Vienna
United Nations (UNEP) Geneva
United Nations (UNOV) Vienna
United Nations (UNODC) Vienna
Halifax Bank of Scotland
Scottish Government - Edinburgh
New Zealand Consulate – Hamburg
EMC – Saudi Arabia & Dubai
Dubai International Finance Centre - Dubai



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Steven's Training Expertise

31 Years of Experience


A certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), specialising in rapport building and communication for business

31 Years of Experience

Voice Coaching, Exec. Speaking

Voice coaching and speaking used to be the domain of Actors and Singers but as most of us use speech to get across our message, it is becoming increasingly important for us to be clear in our communication.

This expert can fundamentally help you - if you want to / have to / need to -

* speak with more power and authority
* have a clear voice

A typical two-hour 1-2-1 Executive voice coaching sessions covers?

A vocal warm up
* This will include vowel and consonant practice and exercises to increase the agility of your lips, tongue and your lower jaw.

Breathing exercises
* These as with the rest of the session will depend on your particular individual needs. You will, though, learn how to breathe into the abdomen to increase control over your breathing and your voice, practice and develop exercises to improve posture to help ease tension in the voice.

Vocal exercises
* These again are specific to your needs and will help to free your voice and increase your vocal range and power.

31 Years of Experience


Life Coaching, Mentoring and coaching on a one-to one basis, training sessions on coaching and coach the coach training courses
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