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Marlene W.

Communication And People Management

A specialist Business Trainer from Johannesburg, South Africa

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Marlene's Training Experience

45 Years specialisation in

Accredited in Advanced Communication and Leadership Skills; Accredited in Advanced Training Skills

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32 Years specialisation in

Accredited as a Professional Business Coach; Coaching and Mentoring Toastmasters for the past 15 years.

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42 Years specialisation in
Women In Business

Developed training programmes for women in IBM South Africa. Conduct many seminars for women in business.

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Communication and People Management

Marlene is one of the foremost facilitators in providing New Manger / Leadership readiness programmes. After more than 3 decades with IBM South Africa, of which 15 were in Employee Development - she started her own consultancy.

For over 30 years she has spoken and trained at numerous seminars and conferences. Marlene regularly attends overseas conferences and her achievements include accreditation in Advanced Training Skills, Advanced Communication and Leadership skills, and recently obtained accreditation as a Professional Business Coach.

In 1991 she became a Distinguished Toastmaster. “Who’s Who of Professionals” has featured her since 1995 highlighting her outstanding achievements in the fields of endeavour and contributions to the betterment of contemporary society. Marlene is also involved with the Return to Roots Foundation for dealing with rape prevention.

In 2005 she became a founder member of the Professional Speakers Association, and is co-coordinator for the Academy of Professional Speakers As a Senior Trainer for an International Seminar Group, she regularly conducts training programs throughout Southern Africa, and the Middle East.

The training programs are designed to encourage delegates to apply their past / current theory, unique talents, and experiences in order to manage, to improvise, and to triumph in situations that have not previously existed.

Marlene is passionate about creating the leader in everyone, interested in the business process, and firmly believes that everyone has the potential to achieve his or her ideas, goals and dreams.

Marlene's Specialties:
Advanced communication skills, conflict resolution, problem solving, delegation, assertiveness, and listening. Defining when to manage and when to lead, how to create a culture of self empowerment in every job function, at every level.

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Johannesburg, South Africa

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Distinguished Toastmaster “Who’s Who of Professionals Return to Roots Foundation for dealing with rape prevention Founder member of the Professional Speakers Association Academy of Professional Speakers
Dynamic Perseverence Loyal Strong Values and High Standards Adaptable and can Improvise in changing circumstances
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