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Deborah D.  
A brainy Consultant from London, United Kingdom

Organisational Consulting

Hire Deborah D., a brainy Consultant from London | Expertbase
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Deborah's Consulting Portfolio

Organisational Development * 28 Years

* cross- cultural team building
* executive mentoring and coaching
* human resource consulting
* learning and development
* needs analysis
* performance management
* recruitment & selection planning
* succession planning
* 360 feedback implementation

  +30   +4
Change * 28 Years

* complex global initiatives
* change communication strategy
* change readiness assessment
* community engagement
* cross-cultural team building
* coaching

  +37   +4
Project Management * 28 Years

* project management maturity assessment
* project management training
* project and program of complex global initiatives
* risk management
* stakeholder management

  +26   +13
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Deborah D.'s Profile

Organisational Consulting

With onsite work experience in 30 countries, Deborah is an organisational consultant who specialises in PEOPLE PROJECTS CULTURE & CHANGE.

PEOPLE - Having worked as a consultant and Human Resource Development professional for many years, I am skilled and experienced in aligning people with strategy, and evaluating/ prioritising learning and organisational development needs then implementing programmes to improve performance.

PROJECTS - As a PMI certified Project Manager, I have successfully implemented a wide variety of major international projects and have engaged teams and diverse stakeholdersf participation to achieve target goals on time and on budget.

CULTURE - An experienced consultant and cross-cultural communicator, with onsite work experience in 30 countries, I relish complex global initiatives. I have a special interest in the Middle East, an MA in Islamic Art and Archaeology and also experience in interpretive planning, community culture programmes and exhibitions.

CHANGE - Working with diverse clients and stakeholders around the world, I have been a catalyst in implementing change programmes which achieve results for clients in both the corporate and cultural sectors.

MY APPROACH - Organisational Development is generally considered to be helpful when you want to solve a problem, and, simultaneously, develop people to deal with similar problems in the future or make system-wide changes in the organization. I transfer knowledge adding value for both individuals and organisations.
Deborah Travels From
London, United Kingdom

Compact and to the point
Deborah's Milestones

Consulting Experience / Worked In
Memberships, Awards, Certifications
American Association of Museums Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Museums Association(UK) Project Management Institute (PMI) London Middle East Institute (LMEI) Middle East Association (MEA) Education and Training working group School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Indian Art Circle & Islamic Art Circle
gCapacity Building in the Middle Easth Museums Journal (July 2010)
energetic insightful well organised and cross culturally adept
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Travels from
 United Kingdom
Citizen of
 United Kingdom
Dual Citizenship
 United States
Interests Islamic Art/Archaeology gardening/garden history extensive world travel for research work and walking Tour director/Architecture lecturer Uzbekistan for the Association for Cultural Exchange Beginning Arabic University of Damascus Volunteer work includes fundraising for Afghan Institute for Learning HR Development consultant/coach Turquoise Mountain Arts Afghanistan and Project Management tutor (developing countries) at Kew management diploma programme for Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) Author/ Curator: gCapacity Building in the Middle Easth (pdf) Museums Journal (July 2010) Interviews with Museum professionals in Damascus Doha and Sharjah to explore how new museums are coping with local skills shortage gImperial Designsh The 500 year old Mughal garden renovation project I worked for my MA thesis at SOAS was featured as the cover story Steppe Magazine (summer 2009) Contributor to Afghanistan: A Companion and Guide (Odyssey Publications 2008) The Aga Khan Trust for Culture Kabul the Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme Urban Conservation and Area Development (pdf) in Afghanistan Editor Mughal section on Kew Garden website on historic gardens Co-curator gFrom Kabul to Kandahar 1833-1933h Royal Geographical Society exhibition (2007) Exhibition review which was part of gCrossing Continents Connecting Communitiesh a programme to engage ethnic communities with RGS collections Brochure (pdf)
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