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Deborah D.

A Consultant from London, United Kingdom

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Organisational Consulting
With onsite work experience in 30 countries, Deborah is an organisational consultant who specialises in The Company .

PEOPLE - Having worked as a consultant and Human Resource Development professional for many years, I am skilled and experienced in aligning people with strategy, and evaluating/ prioritising learning and organisational development needs then implementing programmes to improve performance.

PROJECTS - As a PMI certified Project Manager, I have successfully implemented a wide variety of major international projects and have engaged teams and diverse stakeholdersf participation to achieve target goals on time and on budget.

CULTURE - An experienced consultant and cross-cultural communicator, with onsite work experience in 30 countries, I relish complex global initiatives. I have a special interest in the Middle East, an MA in Islamic Art and Archaeology and also experience in interpretive planning, community culture programmes and exhibitions.

CHANGE - Working with diverse clients and stakeholders around the world, I have been a catalyst in implementing change programmes which achieve results for clients in both the corporate and cultural sectors.

MY APPROACH - Organisational Development is generally considered to be helpful when you want to solve a problem, and, simultaneously, develop people to deal with similar problems in the future or make system-wide changes in the organization. I transfer knowledge adding value for both individuals and organisations.



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Deborah's Consulting Expertise

34 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

* cross- cultural team building
* executive mentoring and coaching
* human resource consulting
* learning and development
* needs analysis
* performance management
* recruitment & selection planning
* succession planning
* 360 feedback implementation

34 Years of Experience

Change Management

* complex global initiatives
* change communication strategy
* change readiness assessment
* community engagement
* cross-cultural team building
* coaching

34 Years of Experience

Project Management

* project management maturity assessment
* project management training
* project and program of complex global initiatives
* risk management
* stakeholder management
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