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Oshana H.

A Business Trainer from Sedona, Arizona, United States

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Creating a Life and World of New Possibilities
Oshana offers an innovative approach to solving personal and global problems. Oshana H., MBA, CHT, has combined approaches found in business, education and personal growth to meet the challenges of our time.

Among the programs she offers are; workshops, teleclasses, counselling, a Healing Gift Store and affiliate network of companies which support humanitarian programs in the world.

The unique philosophy of Oshana is that we can solve the many complex issues of our time by learning a few new skills. These skills are offered in two workshops now available to the public and also to the executive market.

Her company began as a vision. What if young people know how to work positively with their feelings at an early age? What if groups of all sizes and shapes - corporate and grassroots - know how to do this as well? What if everyone wants to lead their lives and run their businesses according to the Law of One? What if world peace occurs naturally as a result of this?

While I was a business consultant in Los Angeles, California, she thought a lot about these ideas. She also discovered that many organizational issues could be resolved when people got more in touch with their feelings.

Oshana put together workshops which assisted people to do this and they started experiencing more success at work and at home. When she taught at a community college, she incorporated many of these ideas in my classes and students received immediate positive results.

The roots of what Oshana does today come from fifteen years as a business consultant, coach and trainer in LA and eight years as a hypnotherapist and energy practitioner. They also come from my deep sense of knowing and my commitment that the world can be a better place for all peoples everywhere.

Oshana has two Masters of Business Administration Degrees from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California, in Corporate Finance and Nonprofit Management and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. She has been working with companies and nonprofit organizations for the last 15 years in the areas of leadership and communication. Also, Oshana works with individuals in the areas of personal empowerment and emotional healing.

Oshana’s Specialties:
niche marketing, partnerships, communication, dialogue, innovation



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Oshana's Training Expertise

38 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

I have worked with companies and organizations of all sizes in the areas of leadership, communication, executive coaching, personal development and stress management.

When I found that personal development skills could be applied to organizational work, I began to create a niche in this area and offer programs which integrated these together.

My clients are happy with their increased ability to communicate clearly, solve issues when they arise, work positively with their emotions and take positive actions in their life and work.

38 Years of Experience

Personal Development

Personal development techniques can be used to solve both organizational and personal issues. A few simple exercises which encourage staff to look deeper into the real issues and come up with their own answers goes a long way.

I encourage my clients to find their own answers and teach them how to do this through techniques I have developed from experience as a management consultant over a 15-year period.

38 Years of Experience


I've fine-tuned my coaching abilities by taking many courses which taught us how to ask the right questions. This enables the core issues to reveal themselves.

When the issue is clear, the answer follows right behind. Solutions become creative, useful and successful.

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