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Robert A.

A Consultant from Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Delivering Organisational Development
Robert is a CIPD Award- winning Development Consultant, who has over 20 years' experience in designing and delivering Management Development solutions in the areas of retail banking, travel, manufacturing and logistics. He has worked as a Development Consultant and Development Manager, and also has detailed knowledge of the call and contact centre industry. His development events are enlightening and encourage delegates to view their own development as a constant companion throughout their lives. He provides his audiences with the means to make real, positive change to both themselves and others.

His particular specialisms are in the field of executive coaching and organisational development; coaching and guiding Executives and Organisations through periods of restructure and change, by helping them to identify key blockers to success, and solving the solutions themselves, aided by skillful questioning from the coach.

In today's demanding business world, time spent in these areas can reap real- time rewards for managers, as their staff are encouraged to use their innate skills and knowledge for the benefit of their businesses, and to produce sustainable change. The answer lies in whether the change programme has recognised the emotional needs of those effected, or whether it is simply a project plan. Robert will help you to engage your staff, ensuring that the change is a success, and brings the anticipated rewards.

Robert is comfortable presenting to larges and medium sized groups, or engaging individuals in practical, incisive coaching and development sessions.

He is CIPD qualified and an ILM- qualified Coach.



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Robert's Consulting Expertise

36 Years of Experience


Executive Coaching for Personal and Corporate Success-1- hour sessions conducted in person or by telephone (to reduce cost to coachee). Initially looking at goals and beliefs, and then exploring solutions for achievement.

Corporate Coaching-
Initial visit to organisation, and fact- finding on corporate aims and objectives. Coaching sessions are then geared towards and incremental improvement in key ares identified by coachee as crucial to corporate achievement, as well as personal well- being and satisfaction.

Open courses- Can be run on the key principles underpinning coaching; Goals, Beliefs, The Wheel, GROW and STEER. Aimed at allowing delegates to become proficient in the art of qustioning, so that their staff and colleagues are able to find solutions which they own and will carry through. Highly participative and great fun- delegates embark on a voyage of self- discovery as well as learning new skills and behaviours.

36 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

Change not happening? Do others not seem to believe in your plans? Let this expert work with you to understand how important emotions are in the change process. You will attend an event designed to help you understand why emotions need to be considered at the start of a change programme. You will learn how change affects individuals, as well as identifying who your key sponsors are, and what communication needs to happen to ensure the success of any change. This 2- day workshop provides you with the tools to enable you to plan, develop and implement a change programme as quickly, successfully and cost- effectively as possible.

36 Years of Experience


A wide range of development solutions are available, and can be tailored to suit you and your company's needs.

Choose from:
Effective Communication
Coaching and Feedback Skills
Assertiveness for Success
Problem Solving
Effective Delegation
Performance Management
Management Assessment Techniques

All delivered in either group workshops or on a 1-1 basis for maximum cost effectivess and personal benefit.
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