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Highly sought after, coach, trainer, author and speaker
Allan is a much sought after, coach, trainer, author and speaker who specialises in supporting and enabling organisations to develop their teams to high performance and to develop managerial "people development" skills such as managerial coaching and team leadership. His simple but highly effective approach to training and coaching managers and teams is done via his branded courses, 'Brand New Manager!' and 'TeamBuilder!' He is the founder of 'The Brand New Manager Academy' a dedicated development centre for the training new managers, team leaders and supervisors and the invigoration of existing managers.

Added to this he supports organisations to implement motivational and productive performance management processes and coaching programmes. Supporting the development of internal company coaches is a particular passion having been one of the first pharmaceutical industry internal coaches at Glaxo Pharmaceuticals (UK) in 1993.

Allan has worked with employees and teams from international companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Sanofi-Aventis, Janssen-Cilag, Thyssenkrupp Automotive, Thyssenkrupp Elevator, Goodrich Aerospace, Vickers Pressings and Takeda as well as numerous local and national organisations within the United Kingdom, including professional rugby union teams, the Newcastle Falcons and Glasgow Warriors.

After nineteen years in the UK pharmaceutical industry and with the last six of these, being spent as one of GlaxoSmithKline’s Management Coaching team, he decided to set up his own business in May 2001 in order to bring the power of teams and performance coaching to management within organisations.

To support his work he has become an accomplished facilitator and conference speaker and became a published author for the first time in 2003, with the launch of his first published book, "The Successful Coaching Manager." At the time of writing this profile, two new books, 'Brand New Manager!' and 'Teambuilder!' are close to completion and these will back up the branded courses of the same names.

As well as writing the books, Allan is a prolific writer of e-books and articles many of which have appeared in trade magazines, books and websites within the UK, USA, Spain and India.

Allan has also developed three unique management coaching models entitled OUTCOMES®, CHANGES™ and CARERS™ which have been developed to further enhance management performance coaching capability. A more recent ‘performance’ model is his ‘DIAMOND MOTIVATION™’ a simple but highly effective (and practical) model of motivation which will enable managers to ensure their employees and teams become more self-motivated.

Passionate about supporting sales managers, given his sales and sales management background, he has also developed the ASPIRES™ Model of ‘field’ coaching and is seen as an industry expert in the art of ‘Field Visits’.

Allan is a elected Member of The Professional Speakers Association in the UK as well as being a Fellow of The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

A keen sportsman Allan is a former President of a rugby union club in Scotland. Marr Rugby, based between the towns of Troon and Prestwick, supports the development of over 300 rugby players between the ages of 7 and 50. He is also a Director of Glasgow Hawks Ltd, one of the leading Premiership rugby teams in Scotland. Allan is well known in Scottish rugby circles for his drive and innovation in attempting to develop the game in Scotland.

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33 Years of Experience
Specialises in supporting and enhancing the development of new and untrained managers, team leaders and supervisors. Particular emphasis is on developing the confidence and capability of managers to get the best out of their people and teams.
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Team Building

33 Years of Experience
Passionate about teams and about supporting the development of teams into high performance teams. Skilled at both classroom facilitation and outdoor team development.
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28 Years of Experience
One of the first internal coaches within the pharmaceutical industry in the UK, Allan is dedicated to supporting internal company coaches to becoming highly effective as well as supporting and enabling managers to develop performance coaching as one of the key skill sets.
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Business Articles by Allan

Allan M.
12 High-Value, Free, Ad-Free & Full-Text Articles

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Managing Under-Performers

Failure to deal with under-performance will lead to major team discontent and if under-performing employees are left to continue to under-perform then ...
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The Motivation Partnership - Managers And Executives Working In Harmony

After extensive research (of my own personal, and others' motivations) I have discovered that in order to produce 'self motivation' in others, a manager should concentrate on four key factors.
51   |   5.42 K   |   5 min

Managing Team Conflict

A major advantage a team has over an individual is its diversity of resources, knowledge, and ideas. However, diversity also produces conflict. As more ...
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Peer Appraisal - A More Productive Method?

If managers can demonstrate the skills and are not afraid to trust their employees, then peer appraisal can work for both manager and the team, and work ...
50   |   4.29 K   |   8 min

From Sales Representative To Account Manager Entrepreneur

As marketplaces and customers change then the move to account management is to be welcomed but is the move enough to really capture increased sales and market share?
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Coaching In Management - Essential Business Skill Or Temporary Fad?

There continues to be massive coverage in the press just now about how effective the skill of coaching can be both in the workplace and in people's personal ...
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Do New Managers Get A Raw Deal?

Organisations, both large and small, seem guilty of not giving new managers the support that they deserve. So, why is this?
50   |   3.4 K   |   6 min

Making The Most Out Of Field Visits

The visit of a sales manager to a sales executive out on their 'territory' should be an opportunity for growth and development for the executive, the sales ...
50   |   3.34 K   |   8 min

Team Development - It's On The Cards.

What are the challenges that managers face in developing their teams and what can be done to support them?
50   |   3.23 K   |   6 min

Uncovering The Secrets To Effective Performance Management

In many ways there are no secrets to implementing effective performance management. Performance Management is a process and a process which if implemented ...
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How Influential Are Your Business Presentations?

The best presenters I have seen concentrate fully on the audience, engaging them with both the content, their energy and their enthusiasm. Some of the ...
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