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Atul G.

A Business Coach from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Expert on Coaching and Living
Atul is a Professional Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Educator, Consultant. With a strong connection to Principle centered living, Atul has a passionate affinity for what really motivates and fulfills him.... to touch the lives of other people.

Atul connect's you to your inner self to help you take your life and career to the next level. When you work with Atul, he pays attention to what goes on behind the words you say - the emotional content, the felt sense, and all the subtle elements that are a gateway to deeper meanings.

In his coaching practice, Atul gives you a personal guarantee that you will get value out of every single session. If you are serious about making some important changes, Atul offers innovative and highly effective services to you, your team or your organization.
As trained professional and consultant, Atul has worked with various hospitality organizations and educational and training institutes across South Asia and Middle East.

During his lifetime, Atul has attended many Educational Seminars and Personal Growth Workshops! Atul is continually evolving his knowledge and education and is highly inspired by the works of Steven Covey, Anthony Robbins and Shiv Khera in the field and is always learning new skills to share with his clients.

His clients come from variuous spectrum of society and include youngsters and professionals alike.



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Atul's Coaching Expertise

21 Years of Experience


Personal and Life coaching for individuals as well group.
Excecutive Coaching for middle and upper level of professionals.
Teen and Youth Coaching for youngsters on the brink of facing the real world challenges.
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