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As President and CEO of an international executive development and transformative behavior change consulting firm Kevin has concentrated his work and efforts around aligning the "the natural laws of business" --- knowledge mastery, alignment, decision making, and execution -- to neuroscience and brain compatible ways of learning.

In his experience as an executive coach, many trainers and consultants are mere information disseminators or skill developers; however, as the 100 billion dollar a year industry/10 percent ROI stat shows, many of the behavioral change parameters affecting strategy and execution today are more nuanced and complex.

People with good smarts and skills are not engaging. Kevin's work is cutting edge as it is a reality-based practice that utilizes tools and resources on a meta-level of change, where are all transformation efforts need to start from. From here, new 'thinking about our thinking' emerges and, as Einstein said, we can solve a problem for it is not using the same level of thinking that the problem was created on. And nowadays, in this nanosecond pace of business, this critical thinking skill has never been more necessary to discern between what is merely important...from what is essential.

My 'neuroscience of leadership' approach has been featured in the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, Fox News, and more. My new new book, The Half-Truth High: Breaking the Illusions of the Most Powerful Drug in Life & Business, has been a bestseller and prompted a recent request by higher ups in Jordan and United Arab Emirates to speak to the ministries. Kevin has also been asked by 'the world's greatest executive advisor' (The New York Times, talking about Marshall Goldsmith) to co-author his upcoming book, Coaching For Success. Also, selected by the leading success thinkers, Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey to be a co-author in their anthology, Roadmap To Success: America's Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies (Insight Publishing)

Testimonials include:

'A man of unusually acute insight, a much sought after executive coach ... ' - Tom Morris, PhD, author of IF ARISTOTLE RAN GENERAL MOTORS and IF HARRY POTTER RAN GENERAL ELECTRIC

'A wonderfully different and authentic approach from the shrink who doesn't like shrinks.' - Richard Koch, Bestselling Author of THE 80/20 PRINCIPLE

'His writings is up there with the best and a must read for everyone who is tired of hearing what people "think" they want to hear. If you're looking for dynamic change in your organization, get Doc Flemings cure!' - Lord Phillip G. Wren, Chairman & CEO, United Publishing & Media Group USA

Clients include:

Impact, DaVita, Oriental Trading, Real Estate Investment Institute, The City of Calgary, THT Designs, Epsilon Technologies, Chevron, Emergency Services Associates, Hollywood Clientele, Diocese of Tulsa, Mike Staff Productions, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame member

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Kevin F.


28 Years of Experience
My work as a coach comes predominantly from my Ph.D. clinical psychologist background and organizational savvy experience working in high EQ corporate environments.

While most coaches espouse a motivational rah rah base to enhance performance, my take on this is performance enhancement only happens when behavior change of a fundamental nature can sustain any "burst" of performance. So i work in the area of transforming my clients inside out.
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Executive Development

23 Years of Experience
My work in executive development is cutting edge

The assessment methodology I use is aligned to Justin Menkes' 'executive intelligence' construct---not personality and style like most traditional leadership thinkers think

Corporate Culture

23 Years of Experience
I work with cultures committed to transformation and not pseudo-change efforts around culture that are really designed to protect somone'e self-interest in the appearance of enhancing corporate culture.

I am certified in Richard Barrett's cultural transformation tools around building layered values alignment throughout an organization
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