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Evridiki I.

A Business Coach from Doha, Qatar

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Evridiki's Specialty

life coach/ self love is the key

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Evridiki's Coaching Profile

Life/Career Coach
Evridiki has noteworthy work experience since 1997 in three areas: educating, inspirational speaking and counselling adults facing various life challenges.

She has experience with life/career coaching, a counselling method based on positive psychology that is designed to help people achieve a successful, balanced and holistic life.

Evridiki is helping people for years to acquire better inter-personal, problem-solving, negotiation and persuasion skills as well as helping them organising and promoting social events for fundraising.

Evridiki is also highly experienced in women’s empowerment groups and is looking to make a difference and have a positive influence on people’s lives.



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Evridiki's Coaching Expertise

21 Years of Experience


Life and Career coaching in Educational institute since 2002

23 Years of Experience


leading Women's empowerment groups
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