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Climb Above & Beyond Your Next Summit!

A specialist Executive Coach from Calgary , Canada

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Dave takes great pride in customizing his presentations and sessions for the exact needs and goals of each division within each company, wherever they may be. After studying your company and consulting various stakeholders, he is happy to design a program just for you--whether it be 5 hours, 5 days, 5 weeks, or 5 months in duration.

Be prepared for an extremely important, practical, informative, fun, and unforgettable experience! Please inquire with EMA about his profile as entrepreneur, professional speaker, university graduate (3 degrees including Masters), world-adventurer and tour-guide, film-maker, writer, educator, humanitarian--and one of very few in world history to successfully summit Mt. Everest not just once, but twice!

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Dave is an Active Participant in Celebrity Charity Events involving over 20 local, national, & international causes (Whether it be during an dramatic alpine rescue, a tense board meeting, a crux in a relationship, or the planning of a humanitarian event, Dave believes in "climbing with a conscience".

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Climb Above & Beyond Your Next Summit!

Standing on the summit of Mount Everest twice, delivering the first Internet business/education program from Mt. Everest, and creating an entrepreneurial film venture group – Dave knows how to confront challenges and live life to the fullest! He is a dynamic and empowering motivator who shares his ‘Everest Lessons’ - refreshing insights on the secrets to scaling your own summits.

‘Sherpa Dave’ (a nickname assigned to him by the people of Nepal) has been the subject of and the videographer for six documentaries. His photography, videography and articles have been utilized around the world by such media as National Geographic, Oprah and the BBC. Dave also takes special pride in ‘climbing with a conscience’, regularly assisting with local, national and international causes. Dave is also an official Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta - he is "The Climbing Congressman from Calgary-Lougheed!"

Dave’s quest for serving others has inspired him to spearhead a project to climb in remote regions of the world while examining educational, business and human rights issues. He is also working on a book project that will detail his Himalayan experiences, plus a number of multi-cultural, adventure-related TV and film projects.

Translating his experiences on Mount Everest to the personal and professional journeys of life, Dave's powerful and entertaining keynotes renew audiences, inspiring them to summit their ‘Everyday Everests’. Utilizing video footage from the top of Everest, Dave delivers an enthralling and genuine presentation each and every time.
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Determination! He is the only person in the history of this country to summit Mt Everest twice and his accomplishments are inspiring to many (especially since he was born on the flatlands of North America has survived four knee surgeries and has broken his back in four places!)
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