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Warwick M.

A Business Speaker from Maleny, Australia

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Sought after speaker, consultant, coach and trainer
Warwick is a professional speaker, consultant, coach and trainer renowned for his high-energy presentations and seminars. Warwick has previously earned the second highest accreditation of Professional Member with the National Speakers Association of Australia (NSAA) and has spoken to over six thousand people since Dec 2000.

Warwick holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing) and a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) but does not let that stop him from being an energetic and entertaining presenter!

Warwick ignites an inexhaustible passion to Get More out of life. His clients come from a variety of industries, including finance, government, professional associations, education, manufacturing and mining. He has worked with organisations such as:

ANZ Bank, Esanda Finance, CPA Australia, Mt Eliza Business School, Citipower, Victorian TAFE Association, Mooroondah City Council, Stellar Property, Gordon Tafe, Fitzpatrick’s Financial Advisers, Pacific Access (now Sensis), Western Mining, Lundbeck, Oracle, Victorian Water Industry Association, Australian Institute of Office Professionals and Crown Casino.

Warwick started his career as a computer programmer and then specialised in account management, defining and implementing best practice customer service methodologies and measuring customer satisfaction. During this time in the corporate world, he gained an understanding of the business environment that showed him some aspects of the corporate culture are not sustainable. He got to know how draining it is to be caught up on the treadmill of ever increasing hours and the quest for more money. Breaking out of this way of life and spending significant energy on personal development, he was able to build a healthier lifestyle and have a weight loss of over 20 kilograms. It was at this time that he established his speaking business.

His presentations are based on the philosophy of building a life that is based on choices, not on ‘shoulds’. The continuing work done by Warwick shows that when people start to make better choices, they have more energy, which in turn leads to better choice. This is the energy-choice spiral. Warwick’s sessions are full of energy with fun and practical examples of how to implement the new skills he shares with you. Each participant will leave his session entertained, educated and inspired to Get More.

All sessions are customised to ensure they meet your business need and come with a 100% money back guarantee. Warwick’s significant business experience across small, medium and large business, in combination with multi-industry experience gives him the ability to design the right workshop that will work for you. Energising, interactive, inspiring and action directed workshops created to meet your specific KPI’s and results.



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40 Years of Experience


Always being a high energy person, I have been a key contributor to teams and organisations that I have worked with and for. Everyone leaves my sessions with a desire to make changes.

40 Years of Experience


Having lost over 50 kilograms and kept that weight off for over 10 years, I have excellent strategies and ideas around becoming and maintaing 'wellness'.

40 Years of Experience


At my company we inspire professionals to increased sustainable energy. We do this by using our unique philosophy of WorkStyle (where work + Lifestyle = WorkStyle). Our coaching and speaking services have had an inspirational impact on thousands of participants.
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