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Taron P.

A Consultant from Calgary, Canada

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Productivity and Performance Consultant
A Healthy Company is a Wealthy Company. Increase your bottom line profits and boost performance through ENERGY MANAGEMENT, an innovative, unique and extremely effective training program designed for leading edge organizations which are ready to venture 'outside the box' and win!

A former Immigration Judge and Life Strategist B.A., LL.B, this facilitator has earned the title of "Mr. The Company ", as his infectious enthusiasm and contagious passion for living life to the fullest, inspires action and the manifestation of potential into reality. His simple yet practical strategies for empowered living bring awareness, clarity, focus and direction in the face of life’s many challenges! His message is that success is an "inside" job and that it develops only through awareness! He has trained thousands worldwide in "Energy Awareness", a practical and powerful program in living spirituality, and he continues to delight audiences with his unique, deeply insightful, interactive, and "seriously humorous" style.

Prior to becoming a professional speaker, trainer and coach, he was an Immigration Judge. Additionally, he holds a Diploma in Business Marketing, a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and a Law Degree.

His own journey into self-awareness and empowerment began with his father’s guidance and mentoring when he was only three years old, and it is his resolve to assist others to see life as a gift and live it to the fullest. He is the creator of the popular meditation C.D., a guided inner light activation designed to relax, rejuvenate and transform the listener by releasing stress and tension while increasing energy flow and vitality.

Having written and published over 18 articles on issues such as relationships, death and dying and living spirituality, he is working on his first book in which he contrasts the qualities of the head versus the heart and offers a reframe through which life can become more centered, harmonious and enjoyable.



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40 Years of Experience


The cost of Healthcare is skyrocketing globally. With over $1 trillion spent in the U.S. alone on health care, the cost to business is significant, including the costs of benefits packages, lost productivity and deteriorating performance. As 70% of Health issues are preventable, our program works with training management and workers to take charge of stress by neutralizing, rather than managing, it.
Direct results of our training to the company include decreased absenteeism, increased performance and productivity, less burn-out and an overall happier corporate culture.

The as our work is 'awareness vs 'understanding' based, it can be applied immediately within the workplace.

It is my experience that bottom line goals are better met by individual's who have learnt to address the underlying factors which create work-life balance.

40 Years of Experience

Success Building

We all want to be successful but despite our best efforts, often lack the awareness necessary of the factors which sabbatoge it. These factors, many of which are emotional, nterfere directly with on the job performance, efficiency and overall effectiveness in meeting targets.

My training focuses on identifying patterns which negatively impact on the job performance, and teaching how to reframe them into winning strategies for success through awareness.

38 Years of Experience

Stress Management

Stress Management = Symptom Management! For sustained and cost effective results, Energy Management training empowers workers to be less impacted by 'negativity' and gives them a competitive edge by teaching them how to be grounded and centered amidst increased workloads, shifting paradigms and technical changes. The results: a worker/manager who can keep pace yet maintain balance and perspective, both which are critical to bottom line profitablity.

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