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Charles M.

A Business Speaker from Toronto, Canada

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Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Author
Charles, originally from England, spent over 20 years in a sales and service industry, winning international awards for outstanding customer service and sales achievement, increasing sales in one 18-month period in his territory by 346 percent and opening 242 new accounts.

He later became a corporate leader with a major corporation and finally an award-winning entrepreneur. Today, Charles runs his own successful professional speaking business and is the author of the best-selling book Success Is Not a Spectator Sport. What is truly remarkable is knowing where Charles came from. For many years Charles could not do what most of us take for granted—speak.

For 25 years, he lived with a severe stuttering disability, suffering much ridicule, rejection and prejudice. He sometimes went for long periods not being able to speak at all, living in a world of virtual silence and dreaming of one day speaking fluently in public. Charles realized his dream after making an important decision: to take full responsibility for his life and to confront his challenges and fears head-on. His powerful story of refusing to give up in the face of adversity, overcoming obstacles and winning against the odds, has been featured in the international press and media.

Since 2000, Charles has been delivering customized motivational and inspirational keynote presentations and seminar programs on peak performance, change, leadership, relationship selling, customer service and success to organizations all over the world.

Using illustrations from his own personal and professional experiences, Charles connects with his audience in a way that empowers them to face the challenges and change in their own lives with renewed confidence and a determination to succeed. Charles’ message and presentation will leave a lasting impression and will continue to benefit his audience long after the event is over.

His clients have included American Express, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Bank of Montreal, Clarica Financial, T.D. Canada Trust, Freedom 55 Financial, International Association of Administrative Professionals, The North American Association of Asian Professionals, Mercedes-Benz, The Special Olympics, Remax Realty and Sherwood Communications (U.K.)



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45 Years of Experience

Success Building

Consistent success in the corporate and entrepreneur world over the past 20 years. Also overcoming tremendous adversity in my life to achieve success.

45 Years of Experience

Sales - General

Achieved 346% increase in sales in my territory over one eigtheen month period whilst working as a sales professional. Worked in the sales and service industry for 20 years achieving international awards for sales and customer service excellence.

45 Years of Experience


By sharing my motivational story of overcoming a 25 year severe stuttering disability and going on to much success in the sales industry and business world, and now making my living as a professional speaker, doing the one thing I used to fear the most, I have the honor of motivating people to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges by relating my story to their own situation.
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