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Keynote Motivational Speaker
Motivational education speaker John B. specialises in motivating and inspiring teachers and school support staff. He has been speaking professionally for over 35 years and has the special ability to educate whilst entertaining delegates.

He is unique amongst speakers in that he provides event organisers with a total satisfaction guarantee the if he fails to motivate, educate, entertain and inspire his audience he will forgo his speaker fee in full. He provides this guarantee knowing that his audiences are usually made up with experienced, intelligent and well educated people who have a good understanding of what makes a polished, professional presentation.

In addition to motivating delegates, he teaches people how to harness the power of positive thought to succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

When head teachers are considering initiating change at their school they often engage John to give an inspiring, motivational talk ensure their teaching staff start proceedings in a positive, receptive frame of mind.

An expert on education, John is also very popular with 6th form students and gives an inspirational presentation on adopting a positive attitude to successful studies as a student.

As a Master of Education graduate and former government Curriculum Development and Evaluation Inspector John is regularly engaged to provide motivational, keynote speeches at events held for delegates involved in higher education. Consistently high evaluation scores provided by his audiences have quickly made him a popular speaker at educational events.

Using delegate evaluation scores collated by a leading UK conference organiser John has been voted 'Best UK Conference Speaker of the Year' on four occasions.

With the additional pressures perpetuated through INSET days (Baker) planning school head teachers have found in John a faithful friend who is always prepared to provide fresh ideas and material.

Book John to teach your teachers on training days.

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John B.

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How to Have the HABIT
How to Stop Smoking the Easy Way - guaranteed
How to Negotiate through the Power of Placebo
How to Deal with Difficult and Aggressive People
How to Listen Effectively
How to Become a Conference Speaker
How to Hypnotise
How to Maintain a Healthy Marriage
How to Manage and Motivate Others
How to Acquire a Remarkable Memory

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John B.
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John B.

Conventions, Conferences

37 Years of Experience
As a top international speaker this John's tailored presentations serve up a potent blend of practical learning points and humorous observations about people behaviour.

He has a remarkable ability to get audiences laughing at the absurdities assumptions can throw up, and then guide them into new ways of thinking and responding to the challenges of their day to day working lives.

And, as you would expect of a speaker who gets voted best speaker so often, of his ability to engage and win rapport with audiences is exceptional. It's why he gets rebooked, referred and requested time and time again.

He is often called on to set the desired ethos at the beginning of the conference or draw together important points addressed in the convention and send delegates away with the inspiration and motivation to make things happen.
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Sales - General

37 Years of Experience
John delivers keynote presentations designed for those in sales and procurement. Delegates will learn the conscious and subconscious workings of the brain. He will disclose amazing secrets that will fascinate delegates whilst helping your company effectively cut costs and negotiate your way to better sales figures.

When his new presentation was recently premiered at a large international conference of procurement and sales directors the organisers were absolutely delighted at delegate response. Sunny Khan, European Projects Director of World-Wide Business Research, wrote "Thank you for a superb presentation. Delegates appeared spell bound as you disclosed amazing and useful negotiating tips one after another. It is easy to see why you constantly achieve excellent evaluation scores and I look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future".

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27 Years of Experience
Over a ten year period John has collated best practice from those connected to the healthcare profession. He is regularly invited to speak a conventions world wide.

Popular titles requested by clients include:
Why Patients Don't Listen
Fascinating insights into what patients do and don't hear - What patients say is often not what they mean - Why understanding the patient's non-verbal communication is so essential.

Managing and Motivating your Staff
The science of human behaviour - Why people tend to get hired - Developing an appraisal system - Creating a happy work environment.

Dealing With Difficult and Aggressive Patients
Practical advice on dealing with what has become known as ?heart-sink patients? - Why people become difficult and aggressive and how to defuse such situations.

How to Help Your Patients Stop Smoking
Only 3% of smokers will stop smoking without professional help. This talk looks at the psychological aspects of smoking addiction and offers advice on motivating the patient to stop.

Managing Change (Having the Habit)
Few people enjoy change. This popular motivational talk describes why change is inevitable and once accepted how it can be enjoyable and rewarding.

Non Compliance
Patients failing to take medication as prescribed causes a major problem for medical professionals and the pharmaceutical industry. This presentation describes why patients fail to comply, how to identify the patients involved and then how to help them.

Why Patients Fail to Attend Clinics
The letters DNA appear too frequently on patient notes. Non-attendance costs the health service dearly. Excuses are too easy to make and too readily accepted. There is also the knock on effect to consider when other patients, needing an appointment, lose out because of the inconsideration of others. This presentation looks at the evidence-based reasons patients fail to attend and suggests a practical solution to the problem.

Becoming a Healthcare Facilitator
More and more healthcare professionals are required to facilitate groups either at meetings or in training situation. This talk is designed to give an overview of the workings of group. It looks at Training for Reality, A Learning Model, Group Development and the Art of the Debrief.

Time Management for Healthcare Professionals
This presentation takes a fresh look at an age-old problem. It examines the causes of "running over" and gives useful suggestions on regaining control of an issue that causes healthcare professionals and their patients so much heartache.

Dealing With Complaints and Complainants
A 'Blame Culture' is quickly descending on a profession that for centuries relied on a special, trusting relationship between patient and practice. As complaints soar, staffs need to be coached on the diplomacy of dealing with complaints and complainants. This talk addresses the problem with tried and tested practical tips.

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