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Soha Ali Khan

A Celebrity Speaker from Mumbai, India

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Soha Ali Khan is no stranger to the world of glitz and glamour. The princess of Bhopal was born in surroundings that were akin to the spotlight. Soha is the daughter of cricketing legend, the Nawab of Pataudi and one of the best actresses to ever grace the bug screen, Sharmila Tagore. She is the younger sister of the Chhote Nawaab and very versatile Saif Ali Khan. The strong lineage clearly shines through in her choice of educational institutions. Soha is the third generation of Pataudi’s to study at Oxford, where she completed her History Honours degree. She then went on to work with the Ford Foundation in Delhi followed by a Masters in Politics at the LSE. Soha returned to India and moved to Bombay to work as an investment banker with the Citigroup.

But that was only till the enticing film industry came knocking on her door. Soha has always been a bigger celebrity than her films, her popularity has always transcended the pure film audience. Her background ensures that she is known across ages and sections of society.

Her choice of film roles has been very interesting in the past couple of years and has led to her being accepted and loved as an actress. The Bengali hit and critically Antarmahal opened everyones eyes to the acting abilities of the Princess of Pataudi. Then came Rang De Basanti after which her life has never been the same. Her portrayal in Sudhir Mishra’s tribute to the cinema of the 50’s, Khoya Khoya Chand has gained her immense critical acclaim and her performance was well received.

Soha personifies class, elegance, grace and at the same time embodies youth and vibrance. She is unlike any of her peers, keeps clear of controversy and is always looked upon for her valuable insights on varied topics. No novice to literature of any sort, it is not a surprise that she is known most for her quick wit and articulate conversations.

With a full calendar of film work and endorsement commitments, Soha Ali Khan is certainly in a very happy place and is ensuring that she lives this phase of her life to the fullest.



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