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Bob H.

A Conference Chair from London & Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

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Conference Facilitator, Moderator and Compere
Bob specialises in helping companies to communicate with all of their stakeholder audiences. He has designed management conferences, scripted corporate videos and worked with companies like Eurostar and Orange in developing branding programmes that run through the company, projecting an image and culture both externally to customers, shareholders and suppliers, and internally to employees in every department.

As a writer, Bob specialises in producing scripts and presentations that eliminate technical and corporate jargon and acronyms, creating messages that are accessible and memorable. Bob works in all areas, from telecoms and computing to healthcare, finance and consumer goods. While Bob has wide experience over many industry sectors, my core specialisation is putting Messages into Words - helping you communicate what you want to say.

Bob help companies to tell the corporate story for

* Management conferences
* Product launches
* Training seminars
* Change programmes
* Incentive schemes
* Promotional videos

Bob scripts speeches, presentations and interviews, and am also a professional conference chairman and event facilitator.



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Bob's Chairing Expertise

33 Years of Experience

Conventions, Conferences

Bob is an outstanding facilitator who works with clients to ensure that the conference fulfils their objectives. He achieves an interactive atmosphere, involving all delegates in participating in the event.

33 Years of Experience


Bob specialises in all areas of corporate communication from inter-personal negotiation and interviewing skills to external communication policy and PR strategy. He has coached individual top executives and run intensive seminars for small groups

33 Years of Experience

Change Management

Bob has worked with major corporations to design and deliver events and on-going programmes that develop a unified corporate culture, His philosophy of "Inside-Out Marketing" is centred on the importance of synergy between what a company communicates both internally and externally
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