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David P.

A Keynote Speaker from Perth, Australia

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Raising the Bar
David is an expert in saving organisations of all sizes thousands of dollars they don't even know they are spending. He shows organisations how to have fewer meetings, shorter meetings and more productive meetings and save thousands and even tens of thousands of $$$$$s.

The most common thing people say about their meetings is that there are too many. They go for too long and they don't achieve enough to justify the time. David fixes that.

David is also a qualified chartered secretary and a governance expert and an Associate of the Governance Institute of Australia. He shows boards how to improve their operation and also chairs meetings as a "chairman for hire", especially difficult meetings.

Because he has been speaking for over 33 years, David also coaches senior people to speak effectively. He cuts through the fluff and gets straight to the point which is why senior people and executives come to him for speaking coaching and polishing.

David works with individuals and organisations in several modalities.

* Keynote speaking and breakout sessions at conferences
* One on one and small group mentoring
* Workshops and training programs in organisations
* Writing and publishing articles, books, CD's and blogs

Specialties: Meeting Effectiveness, Speaking Coaching, Governance, Conference speaker



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David's Speaking Expertise

38 Years of Experience

Conventions, Conferences

Raising the Bar is a keynote presentations ideal for conferences in the after lunch timeslot or at the end of the day.
It is suitable for any industry and any profession.

Raising the Bar uses the metaphor of high jump and pole vault to give an entertaining look at how business and people can "Raise the Bar" in their work and their life.

The keynote can be any duration from 30 minutes to a 2 hour workshop and it can also be tailored to be a breakout session.

The presentation is very entertaining and also interactive so audiences are highly engaged.

The presentation can be tailored for your iindustry conference or your professional conference. It can also be tailored as a presentation at seminars and meetings.

38 Years of Experience

Presentation Skills

He facilitates professional training programs in:

- Time Management
- Presentation Skills & Technical presentation Skills
- Meeting Management & Minute Taking
- Dealing with difficult people
- Interpersonal communication
- Facilitation skills
- Customer service
- Management skills

All can be tailored for your organisation's individual needs.

38 Years of Experience

Meetings, Meeting Planning

David specialises in all training to do with meetings and is known as Mr Meetings . He consults to organisations all over Australia and is known by his clients as the meetings guru. As the author and co-author of 2 books on meeting procedure, as well as minute taking, he is the Australian authority on the management of modern meetings.
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