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Samar S.

A Business Coach from Amman, Jordan

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Samar's Specialty

Whether in training, developing, improving, teaching, innovating, self/others empowering or building new businesses, CREATIVITY will remain the source and the resource to everything.

Luckily there is a science to creativity where it can be taught and coached and this is what I can do for you with guarantee.

I can bring creativity and design thinking skills to & "out of" yourself and your organization.

Samar's Experience Map

Samar's Coaching Profile

Coaching Creativity & Design Thinking
What does Samar do in few words?

Samar helps companies to accelerate their success and standout as innovators, to think of the unthinkable; through coaching / teaching Creativity & Design Thinking to their employees and CEO's.
Where a life coach differs from other professions such as teacher, trainer or facilitator?

The life coach is the only person who can lead any experience without directing the receiver to certain solutions and this can make all the difference
What does Samar say about herself?

I standout in my industry with my knowledge, independence, studies to wide range of sciences in the human domain, international personal experiences in and out of Jordan.
I innovate constantly in all my coaching/trainings workshops; taking into consideration age, level of knowledge and needs of participants. In addition; the latest scientific researches in Psychology, Neuroscience, teaching and Coaching Tools.

Naturally, by being a life coach, I bring clarity and accountability to any engagement I am involved in.
My travels around the world and working as an independent enriched my practice on many levels, which, reflects on any detail I deal with.

Functions and Certifications

Coach/ Trainer / Facilitator

- Certified Life Coach – Creativity Life Coach
(Adults-Youth- Parents – Organizations - Schools)

- Creative Thinking–The State University of New York – Buffalo State Collage
Success with distention

- Freelance Writer in relationships & life skills / Relationship expert
Family Flavours Magazin & Nakahat Ailiyeh

- Critical Thinking – University of Edinburgh

- Lean Startup Methodology – Lean Startup Machine/ Winner Team 2015

- Design Thinking Coaching & Teaching

- Oasis500

- Positive Psychology Open Class- Harvard

- Social Emotional Intelligence – Six Seconds

- Coaching Youth Workshops on “How To Draw a Road Map For Your Life”
Coaching Parents Workshops “Parents and Children Grow Together”

- New Think Theater



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Samar's Coaching Expertise

12 Years of Experience


Coaching creativity is always present through all of my coaching&training but recently after acquiring a certificate with distinction from Buffalo State Collage in creativity, the oldest university in the world in teaching creativity, more structure and focus is put to coaching creativity as an independent goal and this can make all the difference in individuals lives and organizations.
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