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Michael B.

A Business Trainer from London, United Kingdom

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Consultant, Author, Trainer and Lecturer in Corp Comm.
Michael, FCIPR, MBCI, is a consultant, author, trainer and lecturer in Corporate Communication, Crisis and Issues Management, Media Interviews, Presentation Skills, Creativity, Reducing Stress and Enjoying Life.

He has a high international profile as an inspirational speaker and is the author and co-author of 13 leading communication text books and guides, numerous articles and two popular humour titles. His latest book on crisis and issues management, When It Hits The Fan (Centre Publishing), was published in 2004.

Michael served a commission in the Army and was a survival instructor before working in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a sales manager for Reuters. After five years in finance and financial journalism he set up and ran the first PR activity for the Institute of Directors and played a key role in putting it on the map. He then spent six years as head of government relations and corporate public affairs for Ford Motor Company Limited before becoming an independent consultant in 1984.

He advises and trains a number of major organisations worldwide, mainly on crisis management, creativity, media interview skills and his popular stress and personal development course: Energy for Life!

Michael lectures and teaches widely on a range of communication and motivation subjects for organisations such as the London Business School, Cambridge University, Cranfield School of Management, the Public Relations Consultants Association, the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals and many others.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, a Member of the Business Continuity Institute and the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and an Associate of the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Directors.

Michael is a fanatical sports lover, having competed at top level in five different sports, and is a kickboxing black belt.

He offers training in the following subject areas:

Creativity | Media Interview Techniques | Media Relations | Rescuing Reputation | Presentation Skills Public Relations | Internal Communications | Stress Management & Personal Development

Michael's clients include:

Association of Business Schools, Bank of England, British Council, BioIndustry Association, Crown Prosecution Service, Diamond Trading Company, Institute of Physics, Intel, Nando’s, Nokia, Ofgem, Siemens, International Paint



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Michael's Training Expertise

35 Years of Experience


Extensive, highly successful, experience as a trainer and speaker on creativity for numerous companies, organisastions and professional bodies.

32 Years of Experience


Extensive, highly successful, experience as a trainer and speaker on energy and motivation for numerous companies, organisastions and professional bodies.

32 Years of Experience

Crisis, Issues Management

• corporate and product messages
• audiences and what will impress them
• communications structure
• Crisis training and planning
• Hostile media training and handling.
• Professional help when the worst happens.

Communication planning, training and implementation. Media interview and presentation skills training. Unleashing creativity.

For more than 20 years the Michael has advised and trained scores of organisations – from the very small to the world's biggest and most successful – in the crucial task of reputation management.
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