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Maureen J.

A Consultant from Groningen, Netherlands

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Facilitating Group Creativity
Maureen has designed and facilitated international change processes since 1968. Between 1968 and 1988, she held various positions with the Institute of Cultural Affairs, including as a member of the International Board of Managers and Codirector of the Lima and Rome Areas.

She participated in teams developing the Technology of Participation strategic planning process, the Social Process Triangles, and many training and facilitation programs.

In 1988 she formed a soft skills training and group facilitation consultancy based in The Netherlands. She was part of the Action Learning Team at Shell International Exploration & Production (SIEP), where she facilitated workshops for self-managing teams and trained facilitators.

She has trained facilitators for Shell International's performance improvement initiatives. She serves as part of the facilitation team for the LEF Future Center of the Dutch Ministry of Public Works and has trained many of its internal facilitators. Maureen facilitates strategic planning and discernment sessions for Roman Catholic religious orders.

She co-facilitates online train-the-trainer sessions for Royal Dutch Shell's legal services. Maureen has written or edited a number of articles and books on group processes, and is Past Chair of the International Association of Facilitators.

Maureen works together with a diversity of colleagues and organisations, to provide the services of a larger team whenever it is called for.



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Maureen's Consulting Expertise

45 Years of Experience


I understand the complex dynamics of the creative process in group settings. I have helped organisations prepare for and implement innovation sessions. I have assisted them in developing the results of these meetings into vialble products and processes.

45 Years of Experience

Adult Learning

I do training needs assessments, curriclum design, course development, program implement delivery and 3 of the 4 levels of evaluation. I also teach others to do this.

45 Years of Experience

Change Management

I have assisted and led organizational and community development workshop. I have led change programs and evaluated them
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