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Graham N.

A Consultant from Sydney, Australia

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Change and Team Development Facilitator
Graduating in economics from the University of Sydney, Graham worked for many years in the finance sector holding various corporate roles in human resources and quality management.

Graham began in the field of business continuity management in 1999, managing the implementation of the first structured business continuity plan for what is now ING Australia. He has completed a two year project to develop, refine and test the business continuity plans for Allianz Australia, a general insurance company with 3200 staff, multiple nationwide sites and significant IT operations.

Other assignments in recent years include the review and rewrite of the business continuity and crisis management framework, templates and plans for a Sydney based bank, and the development and testing of business continuity plans for a manufacturing concern in southern Sydney. He has conducted crisis team rehearsals for state government departments and completed business continuity projects for two large universities. Graham has also done various projects around pandemic and catastrophe planning.

He has experience across the spectrum of business continuity from risk identification, business impact analysis and the development of templates and plans, to conducting desktop review rehearsals, building shutdowns and scenario based simulated live crisis management rehearsals.

Graham is a professional Member of the Business Continuity Institute, secretary of the NSW BCI Forum and a Certified Professional Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute. He has qualifications in quality management, business and leadership and is a member of the Institute of Management.

Clients Graham has completed assignments for include: Zurich, ING, NSW Departments of Commerce and Juvenile Justice, Macquarie University, University of Sydney, St Mary’s Leagues, O’Brien Glass, Allianz, and Interaction Disability Services.

Graham has worked in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul. He is married with two teenage children and lives in Sydney, Australia. His spare time is taken up leading a group of youth for the Scout Association, where he holds advanced leader qualifications.



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Graham's Consulting Expertise

40 Years of Experience

Adult Learning

Developed and delivered numerous corporate mangement development programs. From front line supervisors, to leadership competencies development programs.

40 Years of Experience

Team Building

Master trainer for Team Management Systems group of team instruments. Expert facilitator for teamwork and team leadership programs

30 Years of Experience

Change Management

From ISO 9000 implementations, to corporate restructures I've worked with countless companies to minimise the grief and pain that accompanies change. An expert in the human aspects of engaging and communicating with staff in times of change.
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