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Mohd Imran S.

A Business Trainer from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Mohd Imran's Training Profile

This expert conducts training programmes in Soft Skills (Selling Skills, Personality Grooming, Leadership & Teamwork, Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills etc.) for ICICI BANK, TATA MOTORS, IIM-Lucknow etc.

He has several years of experience in developing and delivering training solutions both in the Middle East and in India.

He began his work life after completing an MBA. He started with sales and soon, moved over to Sales Training.

Since then, he has trained hundreds of managers and non-managers in the Middle East and India, conducting a range of soft skills Training, the most popular ones being: Leadership & Teamwork, Assertive Communication, Selling Skills, Motivation & Attitude, Presentation Skills,
Stress Management, Effective Business Communication (Written), Telephone Skills for Sales people etc.

He has experience in developing and conducting tailor-made programmes to suit organisation-specific issues.

His clients are from sectors such as Insurance, Banking & Finance, Retail, Telecommunication, Automobile and even educational institutions. Just to name some--Tata Motors, ICICI Bank, Bharti Airtel, Asian Paints, IIM-L etc.

He is presently based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, working for a pan-GCC retail organisation.



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Mohd Imran's Training Expertise

25 Years of Experience

Adult Learning

Selling Skills

Motivation & Attitude

Presentation Skills



Negotiation Skills

25 Years of Experience


Telephone Skills for Office staff

Telephone Skills for Sales people

Effective Note Taking

Effective Communication Skills

Assertive Communication

25 Years of Experience

Personal Development

Personality Grooming

Manners and Etiquette
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