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Francis G.

A Business Trainer from Milford, Surrey, United Kingdom

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Exchange Traded Funds Expert
Francis studied modern history at the London School of Economics and has many years of experience working for legal and financial publishers including Reuters, the Financial Times and Butterworths. He has written on overseas property investment and created financial literacy training materials.

The interaction of politics and finance is a particular interest for him.

Training & Research Experience

Francis's background is in online information retrieval for professional users. He has over ten years of experience in providing support to clients of information services for companies such as Reuters, the Financial Times and LexusNexus.

Experience of training has included one to one or small group sessons at client premises as well as speaking to groups of 12 to 14 in structured training sessions. Francis also has experience of creating training materials.

Approach to Exchange Traded Funds

The ETF concise guide is aimed at financial advisers and looks at exchange traded funds mainly from a UK and European point of view. It also covers the origins of this type of fund in North America.

Francis firmly believes that ETFs will become more important in the next few years and that they are an invaluable tool for private investors and their advisers, opening up new asset classes such as emerging markets. Longer term investors and pension savers, in particular, will benefit from ETF investments. However, both advisers and their clients need to be aware of the different facets of ETF investing to draw the greatest benefit from them.

These aspects of ETFs that merit closer study include: ETF structures, ETF fees and costs, an appreciation of the different kinds of asset and index that ETFs track, ETFs and liquidity, ETF currencies, the tax status of ETFs, ETF information sources, ETF risks, the more advanced or complex types of ETFs and when to be wary of them.



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Francis's Training Expertise

33 Years of Experience

Adult Learning

1)One to one Training and coaching
2)Training in small and medium-sized groups, formal and informal
3)Writing Training course materials
4)Telephone assistance and coaching
5)Writing explanatory guides and text books

33 Years of Experience


1)Help Desk work
2)Writing daily or weekly blogs
3)Writing articles
4)Book writing
5)Public speaking

43 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

1)Exchange Traded Funds
2)Corporate Actions
3)Share Holding
4)The workings of the City of London
5)The workings of the equity, fixed income and commodities futures markets
6)The UK and US legal and regulatory systems, particularly in relation to finance and investment
7)The history of the western financial system
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