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Shridhar S.

A Business Speaker from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Shridhar's Speaking Profile

Change lives, One day at a time!
Shridhar is an energetic and dynamic professional motivational keynote speaker, leadership coach, communications skills trainer and management consultant. His passion for speaking and electrifying personality on stage has inspired many.

Shridhar’s programs on Motivation, Leadership, Communication and Finance will propel you and your people to a higher plane of motivation, drawing out their latent leadership by enhancing communication skills and driving higher financial returns.

A Chartered Accountant (India) and Certified Public Accountant (USA), his life and corporate career has taken him to over 35 countries, from Mombasa to Moscow and from Havana to Hong Kong. He brings to bear the essence of this multi-cultural and international experience in his talks.

Driven by his personal credo to "Change lives, one day at a time" Shridhar’s motivational talks have left their imprint on the minds and changed the mindset of many. For three consecutive years, Shridhar has been UAE Toastmasters’ top-ranked speaker.



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Shridhar's Speaking Expertise

21 Years of Experience


Communication Skills training; Inspiring people to invest in communication as the cornerstone of leadership and success

Sample seminar:

Effective Communication and Presentation skills
A two day corporate training workshop on enhancing your communication and presentation skills, packed with lots of games and practical sessions

Sample speech:

Communicate and Be Memorable
45 minutes of power packed communication strategies to leave a lasting memory in the minds of your listeners, from teachers to corporate leaders

26 Years of Experience


Leadership training and Success Motivation - Training and speeches

Sample seminar:

Leaders are made!
A One-day program on Effective Leadership that will help Executives, Managers and Supervisors drive performance through their teams

Sample speech:

Hope and Life
A Keynote talk on Leadership that will help you discover what type of a leader you are and give you 8 strategies to take your leadership talent from good to great!

36 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

CA & CPA - International Finance exposure - US GAAP/IFRS.

Keynote speech :
Financial Leadership & Excellence

Sample seminar:

Finance is Fun!
A One-day fun-filled program on Finance for non-Finance executives that will help them understand the rudiments of business finance
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