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Peg K.

A Consultant from Boston, United States

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Facilitator specializing in Creative Problem Solving
Peg formed her training firm back in 1996 to pursue her commitment to the power of facilitation in helping organizations achieve objectives.

Since starting the firm, she has worked with a variety of businesses, including Bay Path College, Boston Public Library, WGBH-TV, Eveready Battery Company, Inc., Trellix Corporation, Smith College, Wellesley Centers for Women, The Monitor Company, and Boston Beer Company among others.

Peg serves as facilitator in sessions requiring strong management and creative output. The tasks range from idea-generation on organizational issues, new product development, product or service naming, or simply group information-sharing.

Her facilitation skills can also be applied to the task of bringing a team together to work on a shared task. In addition, Peg is a certified mediator and teaches workplace conflict resolution skills.



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Peg's Consulting Expertise

40 Years of Experience


trained in Synectics approach to problem solving

30 Years of Experience

Strategic Planning

Everything from SWOT to customer input

35 Years of Experience

Human Resources

HRM certification
Trainer in problem solving, meeting management, and facilitation skills
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