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Daniel W.

A Business Trainer from Bristol, United Kingdom

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Equality, Diversity and HR Training & Consulting
Daniel's aim is to assist organisations in the development and achievement of their overall business objectives through the implementation of effective improvement activity in the fields of Equality & Diversity development and Human Resources / Personnel.

Daniel knows that organisations will always have differing requirements and in response to this, he always ensures that his services are specifically tailored to meet individual organisational requirements. He seeks to provide the organisation’s people with the appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to organisational priorities and requirements.

Whether your organisation requires delivery of a major business development project, training for managers and staff, or personal coaching for just one individual, Daniel is experienced and flexible enough to provide the right solution. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements

Clients include:

* Police Forces across the UK
* Government Departments
* Schools, Colleges and Universities
* Government Agencies
* Financial Services Sector Clients
* Communications Firms (including the UK's and Sweden's largest communications providers)
* Vehicle manufacturers
* National employment agencies
* Manufacturing organsiations
* County and City Councils
* National Health Service Trusts



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Daniel's Training Expertise

39 Years of Experience

Human Resources

Equality and Diversity training and best practice assessments
Bullying and Harassment issues
Disability and associated issues
Employment legislation
Discipline, capability and grievance
Recruitment and Selection
Interviewing Techniques
Appraisal tools and techniques
Redundancy counselling
Business and Personnel policy and strategy development
Development of best practices and action planning for business/project improvements
Audits of current practices and procedures
Facilitated Human Resource development workshops
Training and skills audits
Good practice audits with regard to specific HR issues (e.g. Diversity audits)
Development for Personnel administrators (interpreting and managing Personnel Services)
Tailored training and consultancy for all HR/Personnel issues
Team leadership skills
Management development training and coaching

39 Years of Experience

Business Development

Business Development research
Business Development workshops
Business Analysis and improvement planning
Defining individual and team contributions to business development

39 Years of Experience

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning research
Strategic Planning worksops
Inclusive approaches to strategic planning
Understanding and developing business strategy
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