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Roger P.

A Business Trainer from Chesterfield, United Kingdom

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Diagnosis, Design, Development, Delivery & Consulting
Roger is an experienced HRD and TRAINING CONSULTANT, who markets, develops and delivers training, management development and HRD consultancy throughout the UK.

He offers clients knowledge, expertise and services in the Management Development and Performance Improvement field linked to change and organisational development.

An intervention can range from a half-day training event, through to longer multi-visit developmental programmes, as well as full or part time interim management projects tailored to clients' needs. Projects might include initiating training programmes through training needs analysis to succession planning linked to individual career planning interviews. Typically such programmes last from a few days to a number of months.

His style is participative and interventions are designed to encourage a greater contribution from people through the use of role-play, activities, questions, and feedback and management development exercises.

He started his working life in the burgeoning South Coast electronics industries. He worked for both private and public sectors, first in production, then as a technical trainer. Moving to Sheffield on promotion in 1983, he gained valuable management experience in R & D and Operations, before entering HR as Staff Development Manager for Astra Training Services in 1990. This Management Buy Out from the Civil Service, with 2300 staff in 45 centres across the UK, underwent huge change, all HR related. His last position was as Human Resources and Training Manager for Rotherham Training & Enterprise Council.

He is an Associate of Cable & Wireless plc and a regular contributor to the Certificate and Diploma in Telecommunications Management programmes and has undertaken assignments for Lattelekom and Telecommunications of Mozambique (TdM) in Maputo and Cable and Wireless in Malta. He is also involved in a major project for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, introducing new HR models into the Civil Service of the Republic of Armenia.

Roger also reviews training material for CIPD’s People Management journal from time to time and has recently had published through Fenman, the “Competencies Activity Pack” which was their best selling title recently.



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Roger's Training Expertise

40 Years of Experience

Human Resources

• The preparation and implementation of business related staff development programmes, including the research, design, presentation and evaluation of programmes leading to whole organisation performance improvement.

• The ability to pass on knowledge, skills and understanding related to all aspects of HRD and the development of people.

• Delivery through consultancy, workshops, or facilitated training sessions, adapted and tailored to client needs.

• The use and development of learning through “Role Play” in Appraisal, Coaching, Interviewing, Leadership, Customer Service, Trainer Training, 360 degree feedback, and Problem Solving events.

35 Years of Experience


Management, Leadership and Team Development, including facilitation, training, coaching, mentoring, action learning and career counselling.

40 Years of Experience

Performance Management

Interim HR and Training and Development management skills in both short term projects and longer term function management situations within the UK and overseas.
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