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Multilingual Management Training & Consulting Expert
Naji, Ph.D., MBA, is a trainer, consultant, and professor of business studies in Beirut, Lebanon. As a professional consultant he works with Arab and European companies on topics as varied as marketing policy, system analysis, restructuring, M.I.S. training, communication skills and management training.

Naji has led training programs for hundreds of managers in major corporations in six countries. His publications appear in professional and academic journals, and he also appears on Lebanese television to discuss business and economic issues.

Naji holds an MBA from the I.E.S.E. of the Universidad de Navarra in Barcelona, Spain (1985), and a doctorate in Econometrics from the University of La Sorbonne in France (1983). He also studied Economics at the Université de Paris-Dauphine in Paris, France (1980).

He has published about 70 articles in 12 local and international publications.

Naji has been invited as a guest in many talk shows on Lebanese TV to talk about business or economic issues and participated in many cultural activities (e.g: Naji has created and animated a Cine-Club for 3 years). He is a co-founder of the Entrepreneurship Centre of Lebanon.

Some of his Clients (11/2005)
EMARAT (UAE) | SABAFON (Yemen) | BLOM Bank | BEMO Bank | Standard Chartered Bank | Credit Libanais Bank | Bank Audi | Caisse Mutuelle Laque (Insurance) | ALPINA Insurance | AROPE Insurance | CUMBERLAND Insurance | SNA Insurance | Bankers Insurance | Insurance Management Group | PRUNELLE Industrial Bakery | UNICO | MONOPRIX Hypermarkets | METRO Superstore | ABC Mall | FABRIANO Lebanon | GS Grand Stores | MITSULIFT & Equipment | SCHINDLER Lebanon | BARTERCARD Lebanon | Maintenance Management Group | MOUSSALLEM Bros | UNICERAMIC Societe Kamel Bekdache & Sons (Paper manufacturers) | O.P.P. Paper | R.A.K. (Paper wholesalers) | CAF MAATOUK | AMERICANA | DUNKIN' DONUTS Lebanon | CASPER & GAMBINI | WATERLEMON | CREPAWAY | ZAATAR W' ZEIT | PATCHI | CILICONE COMPUTERS | CHIP Security Systems | CAT contracting | Rafik-El-Khoury & Partners | ALUMCO (Aluminium contractors) | ERICSSON - Lebanon Hotel Le Gabriel| MALIK's | CHOUCAIR TWO IDOL |SADCO | CATAFAGO | JANSSEN-CILAG | KUWAITI Petroleum| Executives is many Kuwaiti ministries MTC| Hospital DARESCHIFA (Kuwait)| AL-ZAMEL Group| GIANT STORES (Qatar)| SOUKKAR Electronics Group (Aleppo - Syria)| Centre Dr. BURGENER (Switzarland) | Lebanese American University | University St. Joseph| Notre-Dame University| Lebanese University| Holy Spirit University (USEK)| American University of Technology - And of course The Knowledge Brokers

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I have published about 70 articles in 12 Lebanese and international publications.

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I Have Participated In Many Cultural Activities (e.g: I Have Created And Animated A Cine-Club For 3 Years). I Am A Co-founder Of The ?Entrepreneurship Centre Of Lebanon? (currently Known In Lebanon As ?e-center?)
An Inter-university Non-profit Orientated Club Created To Brainstorm New Business Ideas And To Help Graduate Students Who Come Out With Interesting Ideas To Start Up Their Own Business.

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Naji's Expertise

Naji B.

Human Resources

37 Years of Experience
Most of the in-house training programs I have provided in recent years are directly related to many aspects of Human Resources Development, be it Enhancing Interpersonal Communication, Team Building, Conflict Resolution Techniques, etc ... Moreover, I have fulfilled many consultancy projects related to Recruitment Methodology, Performance Appraisal Systems, to Creation of a Human Resources Department, etc .. I have also taught many MBA courses directly related to Human Resources Management.
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37 Years of Experience
I have provided some tailor-made in-house training programs on Building Up the Leadership Skills of Middle Managers and on Internal Leadership. For the purpose of optimizing the utility of these training programs for the client company, I usually provide these training programs in parallel with training programs related to Human Resources Development to the non-managers employees of the same company. I have also fulfilled many consultancy projects directly to top managers: these consultancy projects were geared to develop the leadership potential of the top managers and of the company they are managing. I have also taught many MBA courses and one DBA course on Leadership.
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Strategic Management

37 Years of Experience
I have fulfilled many consultancy projects on many aspects of Strategic Management directly to top managers. I have also provided many public workshops and conferences on the various aspects of Strategic Management. Moreover, I have taught many MBA courses on Strategic Management.
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Naji B.
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Effects Of Internet On Management

Access to information is not critical anymore, what is now critical is the way information is handled ...
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Lessons Drawn From Common Sense - 'New' Marketing, Selling & Hr

The more you observe how your market evolves and how daily life changes, the more you realize that you have no choice but to change your marketing thinking ...
50   |   4.04 K   |   15 min

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