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Mubeena M.

A Consultant from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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HR Management Consultant
Her mission is to facilitate extraordinary results in organizations by applying her knowledge of Organizational Psychology. She believes that within companies there exists in innate ability for excellence and self-realization of hidden potential. Her knowledge base is focused on Psychology and Philosophy, with an applied aim of integrating the two disciplines to generate her own theory of Organisation Development.

She was awarded a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in two majors (Psychology and Philosophy) in May 2001 from Hofstra University, New York with departmental honors in Psychology. She received her Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in the concentrated field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology in May 2003 also from Hofstra University.

Mubeena has facilitated Organisation Change Management and provided consultation to high-profile global organisations such as Philips, Kraft Foods, Nakheel, and the Abu Dhabi Government. She has helped organisations write award submissions for the Dubai Quality Award (DQA) and the Dubai Human Development Award (DHDA) which are based on the European Excellence Model (EFQM).

Her main consulting approach and true passion however comes from designing people-centered systems using Mr. Roland Sullivan’s Whole-System Transformation® process and Dr. Peter Koestenbaum’s Leadership Diamond Model™. She has been highly influenced into using her knowledge of Philosophy, Psychology, and Anthropology in her consulting work which has resulted in a uniquely holistic approach to creating true transformation in the business world. Her facilitation and artistic presentation skills have received adulation from clients with her ability to engage individuals and groups by creating a safe and positive forum of open expression. She firmly believes that all the solutions lie within the system itself. She employs an interactive style to elicit the deep feedback of key members as a basis for action and long-term sustainability of an employee, a team, or an entire organisational system.

Her people-centered consulting portfolio includes:
• Organisation Development / Change Management
• Leadership Development
• Human Resource Strategy
• Performance Management
• Employee Engagement
• Team Building and Alignment
• Training Needs Analysis and Evaluation
• Job Design and Analysis

In her free time, Mubeena maintains her website/blog and her sporting interests include swimming and Shotokan Karate. She is an avid reader and also produces oil and acrylic paintings. She hopes to exhibit her art work in the region, and write novels based on her philosophical interests in the future.



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Mubeena's Consulting Expertise

21 Years of Experience

Human Resources

I help clients to develop and implement their Human Resources strategy and align it to the organization's vision and business model so that HR becomes a business partner in accomplishing the bottom-line. I have created the following using participatory techniques and group work: Performance Management, Competency Models, Training Needs and Evaluation, Employee Engagement initiatives, Career Development & Succession Plans, Coaching/Mentoring programs, and in-house Leadership models.

21 Years of Experience

Team Building

I have executed change in organizations through top team building and alignment so that there is synergy across team members ensuring that organizational goals meet individual goals. My team building style focuses on business issues only with a collaboration process that results in a realistic action plan to achieve team goals. I do not consider games to be genuine team builds, although they can be part of the holistic effort. My process involves working individually with each team member, then creating an offsite agenda to bring the entire team to focus. I am an expert in group dynamics and focus group facilitation.

21 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

The management of change in organizations excites me as an external consultant. I have managed organisational restructuring, vision and strategy events, business process efficiency analysis, knowledge management initiatives, and organisation-wide communication audits. My core focus is on employee relationships, top team alignment, corporate culture, and value systems.

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