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Debasish D.

A Business Trainer from Pune, India

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Trainer and Professional Speaker on HRM
Debasish is an electrical engineer with a masters degree in commerce and business administartion. He is an expert in Human Resource Management - especially in Current and Best HR practices.

With over 40 years of experience in avionics, industries and teaching Debasish is a eloquent public speaker and management faculty in some of India's top-ranking management institutions. He is also a highly reputed and well sought-after corporate trainer.

Debasish is also a highly experienced management consultant with expertise in organisational development and change management. A strategic thinker and expert in strategic human resource management.

Debasish authored study material for correspondance courses in following subjects:

1. Organisational Behaviour
2. Human Resource Management
3. Strategic Human Resource Management



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Debasish's Training Expertise

27 Years of Experience

Human Resources

Debasish teaches Human Resource Managemnt, and Behaviourial Sciences with various Management Institutions . Her also trains and consults in the corporate sector as required by the clients. An Expert in strategy, behaviour and other HR challenges. Deals with current and the best practices in HR

27 Years of Experience

Organisational Development

Practicing OD interventionist and OD trainer to management institutes and corporates.

27 Years of Experience

Strategic Management

Expert in strategic Human Resource Management. Management faculty to various institutions and corprate trainer.
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