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Suriyaprakash C.  
A Business Trainer from Coimbatore , India

Human Relations Facilitator

Suriyaprakash C.
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Suriyaprakash's Training Portfolio

Human Resources * 19 Years

Taught MBAs all subjects in HRM, HRD, OD and OB.
Training in Human Relations for business organisations, NGOs and Educational Institutions; advanced training and supervision for trainers and counsellors since 2003

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Management * 19 Years

• Team-Building
• Problem-Solving
• Performance Appraisal
• Personality Development
• Awareness of Self
• onflict Resolution
• Value larification
• Organisational Development
• Enhancing Inter-Personal Relationship
• ommunication Skills
• Working Styles
• Leadership Skills
• Emotional Intelligence

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Personal Development * 14 Years

BE, MBA, MPhil, BTA, PTSTA(O), has International Accreditation as Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (PTSTA) in the organisational field. He is a Master Practitioner in NLP.

Over 10 years experience in the industry, teaching MBAs, and industrial training and consultancy.

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A professional Business Trainer, here ...
Suriyaprakash C.'s Profile

Human Relations Facilitator

Suriyaprakash, BE, MBA, M.Phil, BTA, PTSTA(O) is Assistant Professor in GRD Institute of Management, oimbatore. His specialties include Organisational Behaviour and Services Marketing. He is Secretary and Voluntary ounsellor of Asha ounselling and Training Services, oimbatore and President of TA Study ircle of oimbatore. He is also the o-chair of Training Standards ommittee, Training and ertification ouncil of Transactional Analysts, Oakland, USA.

As Founding Director-Facilitator, he has trained over 3000 participants - managers, executives, factory workers, parents, students, and social workers - and has logged over 5000 hours of teaching, training and consultancy using TA, since 1995. He is also a Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (organisational specialty) of the International TA Association, Oakland, USA.

Graduating from the Institute for ounselling and Transactional Analysis, ochin he is the Secretary and Voluntary ounsellor at Asha ounselling and Training Services. He was the President of TA Study ircle of oimbatore and the o-chair, Training Standards ommittee of the Training and ertification ouncil of Transactional Analysts, Oakland, USA.

As Facilitator, and TA consultants, he has conducted over 5000 hours of Human Relations Training and Development Workshops and ounselling for organisations and individuals in and around oimbatore, covering over 3000 participants. His emphasis is on developing the quality of Human Relations in organizations, which leads to improved productivity, cordial work environment, and enhanced Quality of Work Life.

He has given over 100 hours of guest lectures in schools, colleges, and other academic forum.

Some of the other interests close to his heart are travelling, studying people, reading non-fiction and cooking. Suriyaprakash is married and lives with his wife in oimbatore. As a proponent of Human Development, he enjoys flowing with life and his mission is to help people empower themselves and improve their Quality of Life through effective Human Relations.
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Coimbatore , India

Compact and to the point
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Training Experience / Worked In
Memberships, Awards, Certifications
Associate Member Institute for ounselling and Transactional Analysis Kochi ertified Member International Transactional Analysis Association Oakland USA Member Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science Member oimbatore Management Association Member oimbatore Productivity ouncil
?Relationship Analysis? National onference on Research Methods for Business December 2003 ?P MM? National Seminar Madras university October 2002 ?TA in Advertising? International TA onference January 1995 Holiday Inn Bangalore ?Modern Teaching Methods for Management Education? UG sponsored National Seminar on Reforming Management Education at PSG ollege of Arts and Science 1-2 March 1999 ?Egogram as a tool for ompatibility Analysis in Organisations? ITAA/WPATA Annual International onference Sydney Australia 25-29 July 2001
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Globally, except Relationship Oriented; Reflective; ontinuous Learner
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Reading Non-fiction Travelling ooking Organising Events
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I have taught the following subjects for MBA course between 1994 and 2003: Marketing Management Organisational Behaviour onsumer Behaviour Managing Interpersonal Effectiveness Promotion Management Advanced Behavioural Sciences Services Marketing Human Resource Development Managerial ommunication Principles of Management Also handled Project Management for BBM course. For PGDAMM have handled Advertising Management, Sales Management and ase Analysis.
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