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Jacob P.

A Business Trainer from Pune, India

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Specialist Management Trainer & Coach
Jacob is an Executive and Life Coach in the BCoach System through Mike Jay's Leadership University, US and a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, through FNLP, Florida, Jacob is a Zig Ziglar Trainer, and one of the earliest Certified Professional Behavior Analysts / CPBA in India, besides being a Certified Professional Values Analyst CPVA, and an Attributes Analyst (Trimetrix) through Success Insights International, USA.

Jacob has over twenty years of experience across Sales, H.R - specifically in Learning & Development.



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Jacob's Training Expertise

28 Years of Experience


In the area of Communication , Team building, Leadership, Motivation, Behaviour

28 Years of Experience

Personal Development

Behavioural Assessments Using the Psychometric Instruments
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