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Paul D.

A Consultant from Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Paul's Consulting Profile

Skilled and experienced organisational psychologist
Paul has over ten years experience as a facilitator and organisational psychologist, working at the highest level in companies and organisations to effect individual, team and organisational change. Worked with clients in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Middle East, the United States and Australia.

He is a Chartered Psychologist who specialises in the application of psychological research to provide solutions to a wide range of organisational and business issues. Educated at Exeter and Glasgow Universities, he worked for a number of years as a clinical psychologist and clinical services manager in hospitals, whilst developing a practice as an organisational psychologist.

Some 10 years ago Paul left the health sector to work in large organisations, and work on leadership development and change management programmes in large British corporations. At the same time he began to specialise in working with multi-national joint ventures on integration and joint working issues. In 2002 he set up The Company , based in Edinburgh, and has since then built a successful practice in organisational psychology and development.

Paul's present clients range from small professional partnerships to large multinational companies, and cover oil and gas, energy, defence and engineering sectors.

His current interests include making multi-national joint ventures work, individual development at Board and executive level, developing effective partnerships and improving project team working.

Paul has presented at many international conferences, and published a number of academic and popular articles including a best selling book on customer service and quality. He is fluent in German and speaks basic Italian and Turkish.



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Paul's Consulting Expertise

31 Years of Experience

Executive Development

Paul provides a comprehensive evaluation of senior leaders in organisations that includes psychometric tests, 360-degree feedback and in-depth interviewing. He also provides individual development based on that evaluation. This may be used for succession planning, development planning and Board evaluation.

For example, for our Oil and Gas services client, he developed the "Individual Executive Development" programme that is gradually covering all the top 40 in the Group, across 5 continents. This has led to individual development plans and a comprehensive view of the leadership talent and characteristics in the Group.

31 Years of Experience

Team Building

Paul works with Boards and senior management teams to develop their effectiveness and business success. This is usually a process rather than an event, and might include off-site workshop examining the team dynamics, psychometric testing and process consultancy.

For example, he recently worked with the Board of a retail jewellery company to develop their effectiveness as a team, and to plan for the replacement of a retiring key individual. He used psychometric testing, individual feedback and workshops to develop both Board interactions and meeting processes.

31 Years of Experience


Paul provides world class facilitation support for Board and senior management "away-days" and also executive team strategy workshops.

For our oil and gas services client he has facilitated strategy and operational planning workshops for a division, working in partnership with Division leaders to plan and deliver the events
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