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Dianne L.

A Business Speaker from Los Osos, United States

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Keynotes, Seminars, Consulting, Facilitating, Coaching
Dianne is a keynote speaker, and top executive speaking and presentations skills coach.

* She is a communications trainer specializing in individual leadership coaching and team coaching.
* She trains executives from top 100 companies to be outstanding speakers and presenters.
* She is one of the only coaches today who coaches leadership presence, communication skills, presentation skills, and voice production.

A Broadway theater background prepared her for keynotes and coaching and enables her to provide instant improvements to speakers that last.

She has coached hundreds of C-Level and Mid Level management in the skills of collaborative communication, appreciative inquiry, team development and leadership skills .

Dianne has been quoted in many leadership books and says, "The power of a commanding personal presence to influence combined with speaking mastery are the two ingredients that determine extraordinary success in your business and career today."

"The best decision you can make for your company is to bring her in for your people. Her warm wit and style help people to grow their talents exponentially."

Her custom coaching programs are designed to meet individual clients’ needs. Her menu of services as a coach, trainer and keynote speaker is comprehensive and cutting edge for today's workplace. Her extensive background in the theater on Broadway and in business gives her clients a unique exciting advantage as speakers and her past clients all find their ways of expressing, "This is the best we have ever had! Thank you!!"

Dianne is an unforgettable keynote speaker and an award winning singer who has presented her unique singing and speaking keynotes on Productivity and Performance Strategies worldwide. Her coaching and presenting are offerred at conferences after her keynotes and have been requested at every leadership level.

Clients Include Starbucks, GE, Johnson's Wax, Boeing, MIT, Bank of Toronto, Bank of Montreal, Center For Creative Leadership, Government and Higher Education agencies worldwide.

Dianne is widely published on the web. Is an expert rated author for her many articles on business speaking at Top 7 Business, a world web information business. She lives in Boston, Mass.



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Dianne's Speaking Expertise

31 Years of Experience

Executive Development

This specialist quickly helps executives look, sound and present like Leaders. For 15 years this expert has coached and trained executives in authentic leadership presence and offers techniques that make speakers unforgettable and inspirational.

Working with her you will be able to inform, inspire, transfix and transform your workplace and your audiences. Communication competencies leaders need to master include public speaking and congruent management of their image and message.

Global leaders have said:
"I had high expectations for your coaching and you exceeded every one of them. You have transformed my thinking and expanded my range of abilities beyond what I thought was ever possible for me. I am more present on stage and now enjoy my speaking in a new way for the first time in 20 years."

"I flew from London to South Africa to speak, you helped rewrite my speech as I flew and emailed it to me. I used it to introduce a world leader and for the first time ever I felt perfect on stage, thanks to you."

"When I took this new CEO position I knew that the skills that got me here were not the skills I needed to succeed here. You have helped me achieve everything I needed to know. Your coaching has made my leadership a success."

31 Years of Experience

Voice Coaching, Exec. Speaking

Your voice carries your power. And your imprint. Your voice can bond others to you or turn them away. This voice expert was trained at The Juilliard School in NYC, and will help you achieve a stronger, more expressive and impressive voice with simple exercises anyone can do.

During her seven years as chairman of the voice department at a Conservatory of Music she developed a voice training method that delivers fast and dramatic improvement and results.

Your voice can easily and permanently become clear, strong, expressive, resonant, and you can learn how your voice can be aninstrument for influence beyond what you can imagine.

Exercises are taught in breath control, voice strengthening, expressiveness, resonance, clarity and 'vocal ' confidence' -Your voice wil not tire or dry out , be weak sounding or too high pitched. You know how to create dramatic engaging voice habits and this confidence helps lead you to the success you most want to achieve.

This coach helps clients get up on main-stages worldwide. In Front of ten or ten thousand people and communicate brilliantly.

31 Years of Experience

Presentation Skills

Exceptional Presentation Skills and Speaking Skills help build you business and your influence.

This presentation skills coaching program is unique in the world and guarantees you will improve quickly and dramatically.Most speakers remain stiff and mechanical or "Presentational", because that is all their coach is able give them.

This coach helps you find your own unique strengths, expressive freedoms and gifts. My training is unique and renowned for helping you go from "Presentational to lively and "Present".

- Your audience feels you as real, you are easy, relaxed, and connected to your audience in a way that makes your speaking experience unforgettable. People retain what you say longer and you effect them more powerfully.

- clients all say they feel like they are "In Their Body" on-stage instead of "out of it".

- They are 'in the moment' and catch more meaningful nuances from the audience that help them be impactful, personal and even more humorous speakers.

This specialist is the answer to voice improvement, presentation skills communication skills and more.
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