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Stuart has been actively involved in Training and Consultancy for many years; applied practical experience is the strong feature of my work. He believes that everything in organisations starts and finishes with people; getting the buy in and the best from people, is therefore a priority for every organisation.

A lot of his work is therefore centred on facilitation; working with "hearts and minds" and alongside those people who will be involved on making changes. Stuart believes that learning and changing must be connected and that you cannot have one without the other.

He is widely experienced in Business (up to main board director level) and specifically, in Commercial Management and includes in his portfolio; Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, People Management, Problem Solutions and Training/Staff Development.


* Suggesting and negotiating changes to "traditional" habits, and facilitation of new methods.

* Worked with many UK FTSE 100 companies and also Global/MNC companies, in the private and public sectors and with many nationalities located over five continents.

* Identified new ways of working and major cost reductions / service level improvements for a wide range of clients.

* Key player in a new company development from start up with 3 people to over 30 people with partnerships in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore.

* Worked / lived in Nigeria; possibly the most challenging business environment in the world, where the following was achieved:

- Established cost reductions programme throughout all operations at the Head Office and team-lead senior managers to implement the changes needed.

- Joint strategy / design and, subsequent implementation / management of a 46400 sq. metre Inland Container Depot / Warehouse, employing 150 people in four locations, which became the most profitable activity in the company.

Stuart specialized particularly in the following areas:

* Identifying of training needs and delivering agreed training/facilitation solutions for performance improvements. (For example, of people promoted from shop floor into management positions, and of senior managers moving into Logistics).

* Delivering training to a wide range of personnel. (For example, supervisors and graduates to board directors, and for example, of senior managers on "How to Mentor" to achieve better success).

* Analysing competency models and syllabuses, then writing extensive ranges of training materials. (For example, reference manuals, notes, workbooks, case studies, projects, exercises, and assessments).

* Suggesting and negotiating changes to "traditional" habits, and facilitation of new methods. (For example, in 2005 in Nigeria, moving managers and supervisors from a task orientation style to a more consultation / participation and team building style).

* Consolidating training / Consultancy approaches to Manage Change during the introductions of technical changes, to make such implementations more effective.

Stuart worked in over 30 countries on 6 continents with a selection of the following clients:

J.Sainsbury, Nokia, Leeds University Business School, Nestle, MSAS, Nigerian LNG, Exel, Carlsberg Tetley, Woolworth, Blakes Chilled Distribution, WH Smith, TNT, Cheltenham Tutorial College, Jardine Hong Kong, Hawksmere, P&O, Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, Levers, University of Salford, Hungarian Electric, Tibbett & Britten, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Keyline, BNFL, PSL, Cussons International, Morrisons Trust, Home Farm Trust, Unipart, Yorkshire Water, Cranfield Trust, SABIC, Irish Management Institute, JBA, Pentland Group, UCI Logistics, Shell, Albert Fisher Group, Alraine of Nigeria, Knowledge Pool, Learn Direct/University for Industry, AGIP, Sonangol, Manor Bakeries, Smurfit Packaging, Coca Cola, Safeway, Al Furat Syria

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Stuart E.

Executive Development

45 Years of Experience
# Leadership and Team Management, (based on my 2008 books)
# Achieving Change through People
# Managing for Performance, (based on my 2008 books)
# Managing Stress
# Working with People and Interpersonal Skills, (based on my 2008 books)
# Motivating People, (based on my 2007 book)
# Improving Business Relationships, (based on my 2006 book)
# Managing Change
# Team Building, (based on my 2008 book)
# Time Management
# Core Management Skills, (based on my 2008 books)
# How to learn / Learning Skills for everyone, (based on my 2002 and 2008 books)
# Communication Skills, (based on my 2008 book)
# How to Mentor / Mentoring Skills for Managers, (based on my 2003 and 2008 books)
# Appraising People for Development, (based on my 2008 book)
# Introduction to Management, (based on my 2008 books)
# Handling Discipline and Grievances, (based on my 2001 book)
# The New Supervisors Top 10, (based on my 2008 books)
# Presentation Skills, (partly based on my 2008 book)

Supply Chain

27 Years of Experience
# Supplier Development, (partly based on my 2006 book)
# Purchasing, tendering and supplier selection, (based on my 2008 book)
# Procurement Best Practices, (based on my 2008 book)
# Stores and Stock Control, (based on my 2005 book)
# Freight Transport Management, (based on my 2006 book)
# Distribution Management, (based on my 2005 and 2006 books)
# Buying Third Party Distribution Services, (partly based on my 2006 book)
# Buying International Freight Services, (partly based on my 2006 book)
# Freight Forwarding Management, (based on my 2006 book)
# Warehouse Management, (based on my 2005 book)
# Logistics Management, (based on my 2005 and 2006 books)
# Inventory Management, (based on my 2007 book)
# Supply Chain Management, (based on my 2005 and 2008 book)
# International Trade and Global Logistics, (partly based on my 2006 book)
# Excellence in Lean Service and Operations
# Delivering Internal and External Customer Service, (based on my 2007 book)
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37 Years of Experience
* Project Management
* Performance management, (partly based on my 2008 books)
* Lean Service and Operations
* Organisation development
* Customer Service, (based on my 2008 book)
* Improving productivity cost and service, (partly based on my 2008 books)
* Financial awareness
* Asset Management
* Work Process Management, (partly based on my 2008 books)
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Stuart E.
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