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Martin W.

Highly Experienced Logistics Trainer/consultant

A specialist Consultant from York, United Kingdom

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45 Years specialisation in
Supply Chain

Bespoke training and consultancy programmes tailored to specific specialisation topic requirements at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels utilising world class internationally focused career experience and knowledge.

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32 Years specialisation in
Human Development

Utilisation of practical knowledge and theoretical skills in training programmes and workshops designed to develop staff capabilities particularly in developing country contexts.

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32 Years specialisation in
Benchmarking and Best Practices

Appplication of skill sets to achieve benchmarking and best practice capabilities enabling organisations to increase the ability and competence to effectively function in the increasing global supply chain environment.

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Highly experienced Logistics Trainer/Consultant

Wide experience in International Logistics with both global blue chip businesses and independent supply chain trainer and consultant spanning a period of thirty years.

Martin is a career International Supply Chain Specialist with over 30 years experience in the business. He has worked overseas and in UK with 'Global Blue Chip Businesses' and in recent years has operated as an independent supply chain trainer.

Martin has wide experience in international procurement in both the oil industry and international medical services. His more recent experience with Crown agents and others has been as a Training Consultant and Course Manager.
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York, United Kingdom

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CIPS Corporate Member
Hospital Material Management Quarterly (USA) Modern Purchasing (UK)
More than 30 years of management experience in the supplies field with a diverse range of international companies used as the basis for delivering bench mark training programmes with total relevance to the requirements of each group Ten plus years as a consultant/trainer have honed skills as a suberbly confident public speaker with great sensitivity to ethnic and cultural requirements
Historical Research Public Transport Advocacy Tour Guide Weekly Media Distribution Manager
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Travels from
United Kingdom
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United Kingdom

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