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Mind Mapping, Creativity and Speed Reading
Gareth has many years of experience in Mind Mapping® and mental literacy techniques, and was an Associate of Buzan Centres for many years.

He has a background in Research & Development, Quality Management and Training & Development, in which he held senior positions in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries before moving into consultancy.

Gareth is a skilled trainer and researcher, with considerable experience in working on creativity, developing thinking skills and problem solving. He is frequently involved in presenting open programmes and in-house training for many clients in different industries.

From his technical research background, Gareth has several patents on a variety of innovative products and processes ranging from environmentally friendly "green" domestic bleach to high purity speciality electronics chemicals for the computer industry.

Gareth was Chairman of The Manchester Institute For Management Studies for fifteen years in which he worked with member organisations from a variety of business sectors including finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail and leisure. He has been involved in education and training for several years and has contributed to conferences, business magazines and chemistry and science study texts.

He is an accomplished presenter and teacher, and has presented at meetings in the UK, Europe, Middle East, USA and Japan. He has hosted several radio programmes and appeared on national TV.

He is a Member of The Professional Speakers Association.

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Gareth M.

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PH.D. (Chemistry)

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Gareth M.
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United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

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Gareth M.

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Greatly Experiened In Mind Mapping And Other Tony Buzan Techniques And An Excellent Trainer
With High Professionalism And Enthusiastic Delivery Of Training Courses.


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Gareth's Expertise

Gareth M.

Accelerated Learning

45 Years of Experience
Experience Mind Mapper with considerable and varied experience in acellerated learning techniques and Mind Mapping
+9 1

Human Development

45 Years of Experience
Ability to apply modern understanding of the brain and how it works to develop self and others in areas of thinking skills, creativity, memory and information management
+12 2

Knowledge Management

45 Years of Experience
The ability to utilise and manage knowlege through using mental literacy skills of thinking through Mind Mapping and range reading techniques to enhance absorption of knowledge.
+11 6

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