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Business Change & Supply Chain Consultant
Angela runs a small but international consultancy with a high degree of expertise in supply chain management across many industries.

She helps clients remove time and cost from your existing supply chain and by enabling their supply chain to operate more effectively.

Her reputation as a unique supply chain management consultancy and training provider is built on the fact that she has held senior positions within supply chain management. A combination of practical knowledge and experience in this field ensures we access and implement best practice.

* Change management specialist in a number of different environments, including Aeronautical, Automotive and Electronics.

* Strong background in supply chain management and many years' practical experience in change and project management, having led several international projects from concept to completion.

* In the supply chain arena, she led the development of a complex supply chain strategy for the delivery of globally-produced products for an multi-national Automotive company and conducted a search and evaluation of overseas locations, and completed a large scale project to expand global operations and distribution centres, for a leading blue chip company.

* Considerable experience in generating robust business plans and in developing business strategies for engineering and related supply chain businesses.

* Doctorate in Engineering Business Management, she has published a number of papers on the subjects of change and project management and has contributed to best-selling business management books.

* Teaches Change Management and Business Strategy at Warwick University and internationally.

* Attributes her success to the pragmatic and practical approach she takes to generating solutions for her clients.

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Angela C.

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Doctorate in Engineering Business Management

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Angela C.
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Business Mentor And Board Member For The Princes Trust

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Angela's Expertise

Angela C.

Supply Chain

37 Years of Experience
All aspects of supply chain - from strategy development, logistics and operations management.

Specific areas of expertise include:
Inventory control, warehouse and transport management, distribution, outsourcing, 3PL, franchising, scheduling, planning and forecasting, benchmarking

Industries include: Aerospace, Food and Drink, Retail, Brewing, FMCG, Automotive and a number of service secotr industries
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Change Management

32 Years of Experience
All aspects of change management within organisations - from planning major change, throught to supporting with implementation and post implementation. Very hands on and practical approach taken. Use of tools such as change audits and six sigma to support the change process.
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