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Romeo C.

A Business Trainer from Toronto, Canada

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ASSET MANAGEMENT (Inventory Chain Planning)
Romeo is a recognized leader in procurement, asset management, distribution & logistics while incorporating best of technology. He provides strong, proactive leadership and team development skills. Romeo is results driven, a consummate negotiator with a history of delivering value & strong performance by initiating & effecting change through structure, organization, technology & culture.

Romeo has designed & delivered over 5,000 hours on behalf of PMAC promoting supply management best practices. Romeo is a corporate leader for continuous improvement programs. He has been awarded the CEO & President's Award for Supply Management Excellence and has been both a PMAC & CAPIC member.


ERP implementation, Vendor Performance Programs, ISO 9000 Quality Program, 5s + 1 Lean Manufacturing Programs, Corporate Purchasing, Communication & Coaching, 3PL, Project Management, Negotiations, International Supply Management Best Practices, Warehousing & Distribution



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Romeo's Training Expertise

40 Years of Experience

Supply Chain

* How to measure, evaluate and sell effective supply effectiveness
* The role of supply in the organization's strategic plan
* Focus on the demand network
* Forecasting
* Information integration
* 'Level' versus 'Chase' management strategies
* Strategic sourcing and supply management
* Synchronizing demand & supply
* Supplier partnerships
* The 12 attributes of effectiveness
* Goal congruence within the organization (the supply function)
* Performance effectiveness indicators (the macro level)
* Coordinating the goals and strategic plan of supply with those of the other functional areas and with those of the organization
* The meaning of performance
* How to measure performance
* Benchmark and benchmarking
* Establishing a purchasing performance evaluation system
* How to measure individual performance in the supply area
* Advantages and disadvantages of measuring individual performance
* Key steps required to set up an evaluation system for supply and purchasing in any organization

40 Years of Experience


* Marketing the purchasing function to top management and other departments
* Leveraging cost saving opportunities
* Vendor Partnership Programs
* Supplier evaluation
* International purchasing
* Sourcing & negotiating
* Total value
* Secondary sources
* Consignment inventory
* Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
* The organization's vision , mission and goals
* Effectiveness evaluation (effectiveness / efficiency / economy / performance evaluation / evaluation at 3 levels)
* 12 attributes of effectiveness
* Basic concepts of benchmarking
* "Internal" versus "external" customers
* Inventory management
* Logistics management
* Other purchasing effectiveness measurement tools

40 Years of Experience

Benchmarking and Best Practices

* Identify key performance variables to measure
* Determine what needs to be benchmarked
* The planning phase
* The benchmarking process (diagram & flowchart)
* Measuring performance & the gap
* Implementing programs & monitoring results
* Rationale for benchmarking (Total Quality Management, Continuous Improvement Programs)
* Identify the "best in class" functions / organizations
* New ways to increase value through global operational excellence
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