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ASSET MANAGEMENT (Inventory Chain Planning)
Romeo is a recognized leader in procurement, asset management, distribution & logistics while incorporating best of technology. He provides strong, proactive leadership and team development skills. Romeo is results driven, a consummate negotiator with a history of delivering value & strong performance by initiating & effecting change through structure, organization, technology & culture.

Romeo has designed & delivered over 5,000 hours on behalf of PMAC promoting supply management best practices. Romeo is a corporate leader for continuous improvement programs. He has been awarded the CEO & President's Award for Supply Management Excellence and has been both a PMAC & CAPIC member.


ERP implementation, Vendor Performance Programs, ISO 9000 Quality Program, 5s + 1 Lean Manufacturing Programs, Corporate Purchasing, Communication & Coaching, 3PL, Project Management, Negotiations, International Supply Management Best Practices, Warehousing & Distribution

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Romeo C.

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Authored two (2) training sessions for PMAC which have been delivered across Canada

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University educated

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Romeo C.
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I Consider Myself An Excellent Communicator And Coach. I Possess Strong People Skills With An Ability To Make Complex Concepts Easy To Understand


Has Accumulated Over 4000 Hours Teaching Evening Business Courses At Local Colleges. Participated Internationally Representing Canada In Men's Basketball Competition.

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Romeo C.

Supply Chain

37 Years of Experience
* How to measure, evaluate and sell effective supply effectiveness
* The role of supply in the organization's strategic plan
* Focus on the demand network
* Forecasting
* Information integration
* 'Level' versus 'Chase' management strategies
* Strategic sourcing and supply management
* Synchronizing demand & supply
* Supplier partnerships
* The 12 attributes of effectiveness
* Goal congruence within the organization (the supply function)
* Performance effectiveness indicators (the macro level)
* Coordinating the goals and strategic plan of supply with those of the other functional areas and with those of the organization
* The meaning of performance
* How to measure performance
* Benchmark and benchmarking
* Establishing a purchasing performance evaluation system
* How to measure individual performance in the supply area
* Advantages and disadvantages of measuring individual performance
* Key steps required to set up an evaluation system for supply and purchasing in any organization
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37 Years of Experience
* Marketing the purchasing function to top management and other departments
* Leveraging cost saving opportunities
* Vendor Partnership Programs
* Supplier evaluation
* International purchasing
* Sourcing & negotiating
* Total value
* Secondary sources
* Consignment inventory
* Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
* The organization's vision , mission and goals
* Effectiveness evaluation (effectiveness / efficiency / economy / performance evaluation / evaluation at 3 levels)
* 12 attributes of effectiveness
* Basic concepts of benchmarking
* "Internal" versus "external" customers
* Inventory management
* Logistics management
* Other purchasing effectiveness measurement tools

Benchmarking and Best Practices

37 Years of Experience
* Identify key performance variables to measure
* Determine what needs to be benchmarked
* The planning phase
* The benchmarking process (diagram & flowchart)
* Measuring performance & the gap
* Implementing programs & monitoring results
* Rationale for benchmarking (Total Quality Management, Continuous Improvement Programs)
* Identify the "best in class" functions / organizations
* New ways to increase value through global operational excellence
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