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Specialist Procurement Consultant
Ray is a consultant and procurement training instructor. Ray has worked in a number of supply chain consulting roles and was Director of Procurement for Perkins Engines.

Ray has a BSC, and is a Member of the Chartered Institute for Purchasing and Supply.

Ray has extensive procurement and operations management knowledge and insight and excellent analytical skills. He also has an excellent working knowledge of EU public sector procurement and systems. His operations knowledge extends to supply chain management, including inventory management and warehouse management.

Recent projects include:

As Director of Procurement at the NHS, Ray had accountability for £300m spend and had a team of 30 managing a wide range of clinical, medical and pharmaceutical products. He was responsible for delivering a major transformation project lasting over 24 months that changed culture, organization, ways of working including the sourcing process and enhanced skills across multiple business units. Raising purchasing credibility and delivering significant savings to the bottom line in the process.

Managing a training and development project for the Office of Public Works in Ireland aimed at procurement staff, budget holders, quantity surveyors and project managers to improve compliance with public sector tendering rules and providing them with improved commercial awareness to target and manage improved cost and value management.

Leading a training and development programme with GE Capital to improve strategic sourcing performance across the Central and Eastern European Region. This assignment led to ADR being commissioned to work with GE globally to design and deliver training and development for tactical and strategic procurement and SRM teams. The assignment covered supply management, lean supply and warehouse management.

As an innovator of new purchasing ideas and techniques, he has developed and implemented organisational designs, balanced scorecards and supplier relationship management processes that have optimized his clients’ purchasing resources to enable them to achieve their stated business goals.

Ray worked in a number of supply chain consulting roles and was Director of Procurement for Perkins Engines, where his role extended across supply chain management including strategic supplier relationships, inventory control and warehouse management.

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35 Years of Experience
Category Experience: Public Sector: Food and beverages, NHS, Utilities, Infrastructure Management

Private Sector: Construction, consumer durables, building products, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare, financial services and engineering.

Supply Chain

35 Years of Experience
Ray’s core skills include:
Purchasing cost management, managing purchasing change and strategic sourcing.

Strong project management and leadership skills.
Experienced procurement management coach and trainer.
Cost and financial analysis as a basis for target pricing and deconstructing suppliers price.
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