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Derek W.

A Business Speaker from Stevenage, United Kingdom

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Derek's Speaking Profile

Customer Service Guru
Derek is an inspirational and motivational speaker, and creator of The WOW Awards™. He is a leading UK customer service speaker and world-wide selling author of a renowned work-book for business owners and managers.

He is one of Britain's leading business and customer service gurus.

Derek's previous business won five national awards for customer service including Commerce Magazine Excellence in Customer Service (the only business to ever win this award twice) and The Federation of Small Businesses Customer Care Award.

He advises and trains a wide variety of businesses on how to create 'WOW!' in their customer service. Derek's services as a Professional Speaker are in demand from national and international corporations and business groups.

Derek was Chief Executive of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Europe and he's a regular guest on TV and radio programmes dealing with customer service issues.

Derek's unique offer is that all, yes all, his work is fully guaranteed. If you don't feel he has met your expectations, he will refund your investment. This gives you total reassurance when booking him as a speaker, investing in one of his books, or booking his company's consultancy services.



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Derek's Speaking Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

In the last 5 years he has become recognised as one of the UK's leading business gurus and an expert on Customer service.

His own firm has won 5 national awards for customer service and he is in demand internationally. He delivers training programmes and seminars that are fast paced, lively and very inter-active. In fact, he is happy to speak in what most people regard as ?the graveyard slot? - no one ever falls asleep when he is on stage.

You see, this facilitator speaks from the heart with tremendous passion and energy. His messages are hard hitting and inspirational.

And it?s more than just the theory of service. He demonstrates in practical ways how to combine service and marketing; translating service into increased profits. His latest book captures his unique experiences and provides a fascinating insight into what can be achieved in any business.

As well as working with many of the UK's top businesses, he is the creator of The Company - a unique awards scheme recognising the good things that happen in business.

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