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This expert facilitator says, "I believe that training plays a vital role in development in any field, regardless of the experience of the trainee. Addressing different issues can bring the organization a sustained number of loyal customers, which is essential for organizational growth.

I, as an experienced trainer, believe I can contribute to any organization through training, and hence, improve the efficiency of trainees in their own fields. My long experience in marketing, sales and management, along with my qualifications in training, give me the power to be an excellent trainer. Furthermore, I enjoy a charismatic personality that helps me in delivering training successfully, and motivating trainees."
This facilitator is a certified Customer Service and Time Management Trainer from Flex and Train the Trainer from Shua'a .
I started my career in 1988 at the International Office Supplies as sales rep and moved up to become sales and marketing manager through working for different companies and gained various other qualifications in training and development.
During this period I was awarded for different achievements such as "Best sales performance and target achiever".
Experienced trainer, consultant, and professional speaker.

A people development practitioner who, consults, facilitates, leads workshops.

All have enjoyed the warmth, sincerity and humour of my dynamic training & presentation style.

Over the past 1 month, I have delivered more than 20 training programs & presentations. My audiences describe my training techniques and presentations as refreshing, original and captivating. They say that i bring conviction not hype. That I give motivation and not just inspiration. And that I deliver wisdom, not mere knowledge.

I broadened my experience in the training of sales managers and retail managers and front-line service staff. My passion is to maintain customer care in any people service related industry.
I have helped many leading organisations in their pursuit of excellence and in the achievement of High Performance?K an effective mediating facilitator with the ability to bring people together.
Currently a Performance Consultant and specialise in the enhancement of People Skills. I have facilitated numerous training workshops on interpersonal skills, Field Sales, Retail selling, negotiation skills, Decision making and problem solving, time management, and customer care skills.

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Zuhair M.

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B.Sc. Architectural Engineering

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Zuhair M.
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Long Experience In Marketing And Sales Management. Charismatic Personality
Ability To Deliver Training Efficiently
Excellent Brain Storming Capabilities. Good Communicator
Confident Leader
Team Player.


Member Of (Toastmasters International Club)

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Zuhair M.

Customer Care, Service

24 Years of Experience
facilitated and developed numerous customer care programmes for retail, financial and service industry. Focus is extended to include: behaviour - understanding self and others; poor customer relations and service customer service vs customer care and the impact thereof on business
+36 8

Sales - General

30 Years of Experience
Solution Selling, Presentation Skills, Essential Selling Skills, Key Account Management, Business Planning
+31 15

Time Management

22 Years of Experience
Addressing the issue of DRAFT as a time management technique, What to and When to do?
+5 2

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Zuhair M.
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