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Create Change @ Work
This Facilitator teaches organizations how to create great workplaces for both clients and staff. This is done via keynote speeches, workshops and something he likes to call Medium Based Business Learning.

This expert began his career in the ski industry in 1986, as a ski instructor in Quebec. He has taught skiing around the world from Australia to Argentina. He?s been a featured Instructor on several national and international television shows and been profiled in several newspapers and magazines. During his time in the ski industry he has held various ski school, sales, management and training positions. Highlights include being part of the original senior management team at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, the first four-season resort to open in the Canadian Rockies in 25 years. He was also responsible for developing and facilitating a management-training program for over 60 Whistler/Blackcomb supervisors.

As a corporate trainer and facilitator, he has developed and delivered programs to both large and small business.

He offers a "no hugs", approach to business training. Whether it?s a Keynote Presentation, Workshop, or one of his Medium Based Business Learning Programs, he will ensure you meet your objectives and deliver outstanding business results!

All of his programs are a ?laugh till your abdominal muscles are sore? good time, but he has a real aversion to campfire singing, banging of drums (of any kind) and definitely no hugging! Training is work, not Woodstock.

This expert is the author of several articles on human resource issues and is currently working on a book titled ?Monkey Business; the Fundamentals of Awesome Client Service?

He is a Toastmasters International CTM a Go2 Certified Trainer and a Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance level 4 ?Senior Instructor?; he?s also a member of the Canadian Society for Training &Development & the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

His Mission is to create change at work, by inspiring others to innovate, lead, and create great work environments.

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Travel: I Have Traveled Throughout The United States
Argentina And South East Asia. Community: I Am Past Chair Of The Advisory Planning Commission. I Am A Member Of The Citizens Advisory Commission For The Comprehensive Sustainability Plan. Volunteer Activities Include Parish Finance Committee
2010 Info Centre And Whistler Arts Council. Painting: I Have Recently Begun Painting
A Life Long Ambition! Skateboarding: I Enjoy ?Hanging Out? With My Four Year Old At The Skate Park

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Ralph F.

Customer Care, Service

32 Years of Experience
Awesome Client Service
?How to turn clients into raving fans of you and your business?

Awesome Client Service is an entertaining and thought provoking workshop that will give you an understanding of the mechanisms that create awesome service, as well as an action plan to improve service in your business, immediately

The workshop uses the latest information and research, and combines it with audio-visual presentations and exercises that will provide a genuine understanding the best practices in client service.

Awesome Client Service will offer an understanding of service fundamentals such as, the difference between a ?customer? and a ?Client?, the ?Service Experience Trail? and offers practical advice on Service recovery and how to develop your own ?Raving Fans?.

Awesome Client Service, will be extremely effective for managers and supervisors who want to take their businesses service to a higher level, it also offers exceptional value for everyone on the ?Front Line? in the service industry.
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Time Management

27 Years of Experience
Master of Time
How to take control of time in your daily work!

Green Monkey?s Master of Time workshop employs proven tactics and exercises and an entertaining audio-visual presentation that will help you determine which tasks are important to you at your job, and finding the elusive time to do them. You will learn how to evaluate the importance of your tasks by looking at the benefit versus the time invested.

Building a daily schedule that is attainable and sticking to that schedule can give you an amazing sense of accomplishment that is contagious for both you and your team members. Master of Time will teach you the difference between what is ?important? and what is ?urgent?, the three Major Steps to effective time management as well as the principles behind managing your time.

Master of Time will be extremely effective for anyone who has difficulty ?getting it all done? in a normal amount of time.
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