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Mandy R.

Freelance Training Consultant

A specialist Business Trainer from Ashford, United Kingdom

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42 Years specialisation in
Customer Care, Service

Experienced in designing and delivering a wide range of cutting edge customer service training for a variety of industries including travel and tourism, retail, financial services, and media.

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42 Years specialisation in

Responsible for various leadership development programmes for those new to leadership, board level leaders and anyone in between!

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37 Years specialisation in
Train the Trainer

Training new trainers to have the confidence to deliver short sessions in house, through to intensive trainer modules for the more experienced training professionals.

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Freelance Training Consultant

Mandy is a highly skilled, learner-centred facilitator with extensive experience in a wide range of industries including sales, recruitment, contact centres and the travel sector and has designed and delivered programmes for agents through to CEO's. Vivacious and fun, she has enjoyed a successful and varied career, having managed many projects including setting up and developing of contact centres from the ground.

Mandy has had key involvement with many major training and development projects and has built lasting relationships with clients and associates. Her mission is to encourage excellence and to that extent she has served as a judge for many industry awards including the prestigious Customer Service Trainer of the Year Award in 2001. Mandy has personally designed a host of creative, behavioural changing courses for a wide range of individuals, which consistently achieve outstanding results that last.

A highly skilled personal coach, she is a Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and Time Lining, as well as being a practitioner of Transformational Personal Change and Time Line Therapy™ and a trainer of Transformational Training. Away from work Mandy enjoys all kind of personal development, karate, reading anything and everything and has a passion for all things equestrian!

Client testimonial:

“At Siemens we have used Mandy for a number of different projects, from training our customers in call handling skills, to running our internal first line management development programme. The feedback has always been very good, and she is such a force of energy and enthusiasm, her positivity is infectious.”

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Ashford, United Kingdom

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Determined passionate and caring along with a strong belief in fun and laughter being the greatest learning tools!
Away from work she enjoys all kind of personal development reading anything and everything and has a passion for all things equestrian!
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United Kingdom
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