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Eddie B.

A Business Trainer from Cape Town, South Africa

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International business speaker, facilitator and trainer
Eddie is an international business motivational speaker, trainer and facilitator based in Cape Town, South Africa. For well over a decade and a half, Eddie has been inspiring and challenging audiences to think differently in a world that is changing faster than we can imagine. He has spoken and trained in eight countries with audiences as diverse as corporate executives in multi-national organizations to traditional leaders from some of the most remote locations on the planet.

Eddie’s authentic, engaging and dynamic presentation style combined with meaningful content will push the boundaries of your current thinking and challenge you to see yourself, your company and other people through new lenses. He has the ability to connect with audiences across the boundaries of age, gender, race, social status or belief system and the message he leaves will linger long in the minds of delegates and inspire them to take meaningful action. You can expect a presentation that is well researched, relevant and entertaining and that has real take home value. Eddie will research your organisation thoroughly and ensure that he understands exactly what you are trying to accomplish at your conference or event.

Meeting and strategy facilitator

In the knowledge worker age, where we need to harness the collective genius of every single individual in an organisation, the services of a creative meeting facilitator can prove invaluable. If you are looking at engaging everybody in a meeting and getting individuals to contribute their most creative and innovative ideas in terms of looking to the future and creating a compelling way forward and creating a performance Leadership culture, then you need to consider using Eddie's services. He is known as a great facilitator that will make the most boring meeting a free flow of creative genius.

Eddie is the founder of a leading South African organisation that is dedicated to helping people and organisations to lead, serve and sell more effectively in the new economy and creating performance organisational cultures. This is achieved through world class presentations and training interventions, creative and innovative meeting facilitation as well as through state of the art profiling and assessment solutions.

He is a member of the Professional speakers association of Southern Africa and is the 2012-2014 President of the Cape Town chapter. He is also a member of the Global speakers federation. He lives in South Africa and travels from Cape Town.



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Eddie's Training Expertise

29 Years of Experience


The world has shifted and changed significantly over the last few decades. Eddie helps move leadership teams from an industrial age mindset where people were often seen as things and needed to be controlled to a knowledge worker age mentality where we need to radically shift the way we lead people. More than ever, leadership is about creating a culture where we engage the hearts,minds, talents and passion of our people. Failure to do so will come at major personal and organisational cost. We simply cannot continue to see and treat people as “arms and legs” waiting to follow instructions. For an organisation to succeed today every individual needs to exhibit leadership, make decisions and act on opportunities. We believe that leadership is not so much about the skills, but rather about character and attitude. It’s about discovering our authentic voice and leading with a sense of purpose. It’s about developing a relentless desire to build capacity in those around us.

29 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

The importance of effective customer service training has never been so critical for organisations as we embrace the new economy. The power of the customer has surged as a result of the coming together of a number of developing trends. Product and service scarcity during the Industrial age have now given way to abundance. Advancing technology has dramatically increased manufacturing productivity and this has made it much less expensive to start up and expand industry. The advent of globalisation means that companies are now pursuing the same customers, irrespective of their geographical location. Customers are now more sophisticated and informed. They are now able to research, find and analyse competing products and make decisions intelligently. As a result of this newly discovered power, customers are now aggressively seeking out alternatives, comparing the different offers and holding out for the best possible option. Rapid advancement in technology has dramatically shortened product life cycles and as a result the consumer now has an overwhelming abundance of very similar products to choose from.
This makes it increasingly difficult to separate you from your competitor . Supplier dominated economies have been transformed into ones that are now ruled by the customer. This is the real new economy, the era of individualism, choice and customer domination. As a result, organisations are now finding it very difficult to secure customer loyalty.
Customers may initially be attracted to a convincing value proposition, or the simplicity and clarity of an offer they can resonate with, but if they interact with your company and there is no congruence in the customer experience and the intended message, then your customer will walk away. At the end of the day, your people are a manifestation of your brand and are the ones delivering on your value proposition. Your people are the only competitive advantage that you have and they will determine the quality of the interaction or experience that your customer will have. An effective customer service training program can give your staff that extra edge.

29 Years of Experience

Team Building

Teams are complex parts of organisations and when they are dysfunctional it can have disastrous consequences on an organisation and on performance in particular. Eddie helps teams work through challenging times by getting to the root of conflict and facilitating solutions for a way forward.
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