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Chris P.

A Business Trainer from Shanklin, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

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Experienced Leadership and Performance Management Trainer
Chris has over 20 years’ experience in Management Development. He has a passionate belief that people are the key to success in any organisation.

Chris's background was originally in the transport industry, in railways and shipping and port management. From here Chris moved into management development, joining The Industrial Society (now The Work Foundation) as a Management and Training Adviser, working with a wide range of organisations in Southern England.

Manager of Business Training with Cable & Wireless plc immediately after privatisation, Chris helped develop a training strategy for the newly privatised company both in the UK and overseas.

Chris works as a trainer and consultant for a range of private sector and public sector organisations throughout the UK. Current clients include Siemens Medical Solutions, Specsavers Optical Group, London Borough of Sutton, the Isle of Wight College and Guernsey Training Agency.

Chris is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a Companion Member of the Chartered Institute of Customer Service.

Chris’s key specialist areas include leadership in the workplace, appraisal, performance management, employee development, executive coaching, teambuilding and customer service.



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Chris's Training Expertise

36 Years of Experience


• The essentials of effective leadership in the workplace.
• Leadership and business strategy.
• Leading business change.
• Practical leadership training for managers, supervisors and team leaders: Experienced practitioner in Action Centred leadership.
• Leadership styles
• Building effective teams
• Coaching for results

36 Years of Experience

Performance Management

• Performance review and appraisal
• Providing advice and guidance in designing an appraisal process.
• Identification and analysis of indivual competencies.
• Agreeing business objectives.
• Reviewing progress with objectives: building on success and dealing with performance gaps
• Identify opportunities for personal development and career development.
• Using coaching to enhance performance
• Practitioner in Myers Briggs Indicator and use of MBTI as a development tool

31 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

• Caring for customers at the front line
• Communication skills that underpin excellent customer service
• Dealing successfully with difficulties and customer disappointment
• Company Ambassador skills for field service specialists.
• Agreeing standards and measures to manage customer service.
• Teamwork and customer service.
• Engaging with stakeholders
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