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A Business Trainer from London, United Kingdom

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Theresa's Training Profile

Leadership & presentation skills training
Training and coaching have been a way of life for Theresa, an ex teacher, software developer and technical trainer, throughout her life she has enjoyed and naturally leaned towards bringing the best out of people and organisations.

With a background rooted in high level consultancy, Theresa brings over 20 years of experience of consultancy experience in change management, business process re- engineering, training and development. She has worked on multi million pound projects with London Underground and Eurostar, delivering both technical and soft skills training programmes.

Theresa is able to de-mystify people management issues and provide a safe forum to both address fears and equip key staff with valuable communication skills to effect change. Energy, relationships, attention to detail, follow-through.... these are the core terms most often used to describe Theresa’s passion for training and coaching. She brings her heart and soul to every single interaction.

Comfortable in the boardroom, the conference room or the shop floor, Theresa brings a heart of compassion and a solid performance focus to her interaction with every client. Synthesizing these dynamic learning experiences into
pro-active coaching, Theresa brings a wealth of practical, real life management experience and presence into every learning relationship.

Her belief is that workers have the ability and desire to create high-performance organisations, but that this can only happen through their involvement.



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Theresa's Training Expertise

35 Years of Experience


When you allow yourself to experience the metaphor, you touch it, feel it, overcome it, conquer it, own it and so it becomes manageable. Put a ladder up against it, punch a hole in it and crawl through it, climb over it, paddle around it, swing from ropes above it - effective team work can get you there.

We use every day issues, turn them into physical challenges, inspire you to participate, get you fully engaged and then YOU LEARN! & thrive and resonate and all that good stuff?

35 Years of Experience

Presentation Skills

Presentations skills aren't an option these days - they're essential. Promtions-even being hired in the first
place, are often dependent on how well you can present. This is because we live in a world of presentation.

We teach you
How to overcome nerves
How to develop an exciting presentation
How to get put your point across with style
How to read your audience

35 Years of Experience

Performance Management

Poor performance is often influenced by individual behaviour. It might be the worker?s behaviour or it could be that of the manager.

Using our state of the art tools we can help people to transform negative behaviour and create a positive and empowering environment where everyone feels motivated to perform at their best.

We focus on finding the driving force within each individual. We then introduce powerful strategies for accessing that force whenever and wherever it is needed.
The need to achieve,
The desire to learn,
The craving to contribute
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